21 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Guide to Costume Designer Cecil Beaton

  1. You need to add “Bonus: Christopher Plummer in a velvet jacket” on that one “Husband” still. Because: CP!

  2. LOVE the comparison to Bridgerton. Great point.
    I just finished watching On Approval recently. Such a witty film about relations between men and woman. Sarcastic and funny.
    Also, the white dress Paulette Goddard has on in The Ideal Husband instantly reminded me of the on Leslie Caron wears in Gigi. So many similarities.

  3. Those garments on Caron in the non-Gigi flick appear to be emulating the avant garde free flowing dresses designed by Klimt for Emilie Floge, and by designers from the Wiener Werkstatte.

  4. Although very Bridgerton-like, I adore all of Steisand’s costumes in On A Clear Day. But then, I adore all of Lady Danbury’s costumes in Bridgerton.

    1. I really like Streisand’s Clear Day costumes, too. The hair in that last shot wouldn’t be bad if there were about 60% less of it; the French liked those curly little “classical” dos.

      1. I also love Streisand’s costumes. As an aesthetic device he piled her hair high to balance her rather sizeable nose. In some of the costumes one can see how wide her back is which denotes large lungs. It’s one of the reason’s she can sustain such long notes and it gives her voice great power. Sorry but I’m a huge fan of hers. I’ve loved her since I first heard her voice when I was 10 years old.

  5. Every time I see anything Gigi-related, I can’t help but think of Tom & Lorenzo’s review. Hilarious!

  6. Beware of Pity and Anna Karenina are SO depressing, I wouldn’t watch even with Cecil Beaton’s lovely costumes.

  7. Honestly, 99% of the women’s costumes are much of a muchness, in my opinion. That said, some of the costumes on Vivien Leigh from Anna Karenina are my faves pictured here. The men’s costumes are more appealing to me–maybe because they’re not SO over the top. Plus, Louis Jourdan (in the Gigi pic) always looked good in anything. Regarding the My Fair Lady costumes…I’m getting an Erte vibe. Like Louis Jourdan, Audrey Hepburn always looked good in anything.

    1. Audrey supposedly loved Beaton’s costumes so much she voluntarily posed in those Ascot outfits.

  8. The white satin Gigi ball gown looks like Madame X in reverse for me, so I love it.

    I worked in a theatre sophomore year in college, and the touring company of My Fair Lady (with Rex Harrison!) was one of the shows. The costumes were the Cecil Beaton designs, and they were glorious. So, so, beautiful.

  9. The Anna Karenina costumes are all amazing, though I’m just a sucker for the 1870s in general. That black striped gown is such a great use of the geometry of a bustle.

  10. They’re all lovely. However, I saw My Fair Lady when I was 13 and it remains my favorite because of nostalgia. Of the others, I’ve only seen Gigi. I always thought Aunt Alicia’s lace head wrap looked like a toothache dressing, and the whole birds on Gigi’s shoulders ruin (for me) an otherwise flawless look. I’ve read Anna Karenina. Does that count?

  11. Beaton’s costumes are always beautiful if not historically accurate.
    His diaries and letters are valuable historical sources.

  12. I read Cecil Beaton Vivien Leigh’s Anna Karenina came immediately to my mind I love that picture and I found it enormously beautiful wish you reviewed it I remember you didn’t even mention it on Vivien Leigh’s birthday post 😥

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