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  1. I intensely did not like War Horse, so in my mind, you’ve prevented a waste of a few hours.

    I like Thewlis as an actor. He’s versatile and brings an interesting twist to many of his characters.

  2. Yes to Wonder Woman! I remember being delighted to see him; I had no idea he was in it. I also loved him in Kingdom of Heaven, as the enigmatic Hospitaler. Was he an angel? The director’s cut makes it a wee bit more clear. Cheers!

  3. Barkskins was incoherent, but Thewlis, Aneurin Barnard, Marcia Gay Harden, and Zach McClenon rocked. I enjoyed the plot line that it sucked to be a woman in the New World, especially if you were penniless and brought over to be married to whatever goon picked you. Tallulah Haddon as Melisande was particularly striking as a woman who manipulated things try to make her life less crappy.

  4. I thought Timeline was dreadful, but that’s because I was so disappointed with how badly the script butchered the book which I really enjoyed rather than because of anything to do with Thewlis.

    I agree that 17th century llook suits him; I’ll have to look for Restoration.

    It’s always amused me that he shares a name with an SCA founder.

  5. Restoration is one of my faves. Barkskins was interesting….but seemed to end rather inconclusively. I thought the wardrobe was pretty good, though.

  6. I love him as an actor. My favorite role of his is a modern one: Mike Leigh’s Naked (1993).

    I thought Timeline was utter wank. If you make a movie about time travel to the past it should at least feel like… the past. I thought Kingdom of Heaven had serviceable visuals, but a lot of historical and plot issues and a wooden lead.

    The 2015 Macbeth I’d say is worth one watch, but for me the only thing recommending it is the cinematography. The performances are drained of subtext; the whole thing is spoken in a daze. I know the play well enough to anticipate the next line but if I didn’t, I imagine I’d be missing a lot of the intent. I think it seriously suffers in comparison to the adaptations by Polanski, Welles, and Kurosawa.

  7. Although Anonymous truly is one of the dumbest movies ever, it is so damn pretty! I resisted watching it for years and broke down after seeing a snippet with some of those beautiful costumes. I also sort of respect the fact that they doubled down on the conspiracy theories. One just wasn’t enough for them! They had to cover all of the dumb conspiracy theories!

    1. Love your blog!
      Barkskins is amazing, but it seems we will only he blessed with one season. No one has picked it up to continue. If you watch it, a warning, HUGE cliffhanger. But one of the best series I have ever watched- ever.

    2. I agree. An Inspector Calls is one of those productions where the story sticks with you after watching. Really well done all around.

  8. DragonHeart is still campy and hilarious to this day. “Oh, good lord,” the knight says as he pulls a rotten arm out of the dragon’s teeth, “it’s Sir Eglamore!” XD

  9. David Thewlis is always good, even when he’s in a bad film. I feel like I’ve seen half of these and want to see the other half. Even though it’s goofy and the costumes are ye old timey, Timeline is my favorite here. Trigger warning: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a very, very difficult Holocaust movie; the novel was also very, very difficult.

  10. Love David Thesis. The latest production of Macbeth was cheap and committed the sin of being boring, which the play is not.

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