24 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: On a Clear Day You Can Snark Forever

  1. Many, many moons ago, I loved this film…but still always found the costumes made me twitchy. Btw, that beige/caramel satin beast gives new meaning to the phrase ‘pussy bow’ don’t you think?

  2. Funny Girl and Hello Dolly. I know (from this blog) that neither is particularly accurate, though they are both spectacular (from “spectacle”). I enjoyed Hello Dolly. Just shut my brain down and had fun with it. Didn’t much like Funny Girl because of the music, Babs or not.

  3. Perhaps that plunging decolletage and OTT headgear was what the mousy modern-day heroine imagined for her Regency self. Ah, well–Streisand was in her ’20s, and I’m convinced we’re all still kind of silly then, especially about our ego, image, etc.

  4. Streisand is at the top of my favorites list for more than her singing. I watch On A Clear Day and Funny Girl and Funny Lady and Hello Dolly over and over, because her striking features and big hair carry off historical fantasy costumes so well. And in my opinion, the absolute best is that gold dress and singing with Louis Armstrong in Hello Dolly!

    1. The doily dress reminds me of the scene in Funny Girl, where she is singing the beauty or something of his affection and shows 9+ month pregnancy. I loose Mt popcorn or coke every time it plays.

    1. I don’t know about what he was smoking, but I think ergot (proto LSD) poisoning was involved.

  5. Beaton worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect?!?

    I just throw my hands up in despair.

  6. I never could understand why the film put Melinda in Regency-era England, when in the original play, she is in pre-Revolutionary War England with ties to a Hell-Fire type club.

  7. That purple hat reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where Ricky and Fred have “high fashion” dresses made for Lucy and Ethel out of burlap – with a burlap-covered wine bucket for a hat.

  8. I saw this when it came out and I was about 10…not sure why or the context of going lol but I loved it at the time though it was very possibly the last musical I ever saw…

    The turbans and egg-casings are gigantic to enclose the bouffants I guess? No excuse for the cleavages…

    Cecil B. really thought she looked lush and sensual etc int he white ensemble? The fabrics looked lush?? Hmmm

  9. The white turban would actually make a fine headress for an alien queen. And the Recamier gown and the purple caftan, like the hair, would totally work in a 1960s setting!

    1. Since the main character can see her future incarnations too, maybe she was confused & Lady Melinda was actually from the year 4015, when aliens have taken over the Earth & are ruling with their own regency!

  10. I’m not going to lie, my abiding impression from this review – and attached pictures – is that the young Barbara Streisand should have played (or at least been dressed as) Marie Antoinette at one point: she’s really suit the Rococo.

  11. Is that a navel circular cut-out in the red velvet gown, edged in jewels/gilt? From the side angle it is hard to tell 100% – though there seems to be maybe two in the pic of her standing, one EVEN LOWER!!!! What is being revealed? There seems to belly flesh with the upper, so are they showing off some Regency pubic topiary with the lower? Hah! Maybe some of her acid alien blood has burnt out holes in her gown.

      1. Oh, I stupidly missed that link. Duh. Well, yes – I think that that gown is now even more confusing, now that I’ve perused the whole thing. It looks ever so slightly like a stage costume worn by Diana Ross, all it needs is a massive boa. Also the ‘flesh tone’ seems the sort of the colour you would find on a pair of a grannies pop-socks!

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