5 thoughts on “WCW: Rosalind Eleazar

  1. I have not seen this Copperfield but must do so–the cast! (And at least R.E. didn’t have to play Dora, my least favorite dear little Victorian heroine.)

  2. I haven’t seen any of these. I’ve been on the fence about the Howard’s End remake for a while. This post makes it seem more interesting. I really enjoyed the 90s film, even so I wanted more of HBC’s character. P.S. Dev Patel looks delish in that last picture.

  3. I enjoyed this Howard’s End more than I expected. I LOVED David Copperfield, it was so well done, fresh without straining the text too too hard. I loved the colors and the actors and the humor and the theme of writing and I loved how they handled Dora, who I always hated in the book.

  4. Lore was better in its first season. It actually focused on the facts and the history. By season two, Prime Video had more control and got way more meddlesome. The episode on Jack Parsons was all right, the Red Riding Hood episode was surprisingly good, the episode on body stealing wanted too badly to be directed by Guy Ritchie. And the Bathory Erzebet episode was one I couldn’t finish, even though I find her fascinating. But Ava was literally the best part of the episode, because I always got the feeling she was ten steps from slugging the Countess and telling her “do you realize how dumb you’re being?”

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