20 thoughts on “David Bowie in Historical Costume

  1. I was able to see Mr Bowie perform in the 3 Penny Opera back in the 90’s. He illuminated the stage. I also saw him in concert back in the 2000’s. He still had the raw sexuality and power that marked his early career.

    1. I regret not going to the Bowie concert in my hometown back in the mid-90s. My friend went and two things happened:

      1) She was dancing by the side of the stage and he looked over at her. She made finger guns at him and he made finger guns back at her;


      2) She somehow managed to break her arm at that same concert and so the stage crew picked her up and took her backstage where DB came to see if she was ok.

      Lucky bitch.

      1. remember seeing the Hunger. Excellent vampire film. But want to view his others. Back to ‘The Bulge’. Could never figure out why Sara in Labyrinth didn’t ditch her bratty brother and ‘make out’ with Jareth.

  2. Oh Labyrinth! He made a silly song so sexy, while keeping it silly. Every time I watch it I’m like “dang it Sarah, get the heck out of the way. You have no idea what to do with a man like that!”
    And of course I adored him as Tesla in The Prestige.

  3. Ah Jareth. Lovely character in a silly film.

    I didn’t like “The Prestige” — but I loved his Tesla.

    He will be missed. :(

  4. My favorite acting performance of his is still his Broadway Elephant Man. Just brilliant. No costume.
    “I think my head is so big, because its so full of dreams.” Indeed.

  5. Ah the “bulge”. At the concert I saw he started to simulate acts of self love mid-song. That image has been part of my private happy memory collection for years.
    As for Labyrinth, I recently re-watched the movie and all I wanted to do was smack Jennifer Conelly silly for bring such an annoying twit. I would have stayed with Jareth and let the rest of the world go hang.

  6. I have to go watch The Hunger now. The only thing that can annoy more than period inappropriate clothing in a period movie, is period inappropriate music. So looking at David Bowie placed in the 18th century holding a viol? May just be sexier than watching him as Jareth.

  7. Even as a young girl (I was 9 when Labyrinth came out) I knew Sarah had made the wrong choice.

  8. I will never stop missing Bowie. Labyrinth and his music have had a huge impression on my life. 2 of my favorite pieces of music are his. “as the world falls down” and “peace on earth/little drummer boy”, that he did with Bing Crosby.

  9. One of my favorite Bowie songs is “Under Pressure.” It’s an example of collaboration working right, not least because both Bowie and Freddie Mercury had outstanding voices. And, yes, Bowie could wear a historically-influenced outfit like nobody’s business. Of course, he is one of those artists who have very unsavory incidents in their histories — in his case, statutory rape (and, yeah, I know that a LOT of rock musicians were guilty of that in the 1970s, but that doesn’t make it right). Since I like some of his music and performances (Labyrinth, IMO, is perfect ’80s guilty-pleasure cheese) but do not in any way consider myself a major fan, I don’t find that this seriously detracts from my enjoyment of his work. :-) Weirdly, I tend to be far more judgmental of the celebs that I really like; I feel disappointment and anger when they behave stupidly or immorally.

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