17 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best: 1780s Falling Collar Edition

      1. I love Romola Garai but I cannot remember her in any Tudor/Renaissance piece and I feel she was the perfect Gwendolyn Harcourt.

  1. It’s so distinctive that when I saw it in an historical film, it made the film seem more historical and accurate. So if we discover that it’s a modern invention, I’m going to feel dumb.

  2. I wonder, if it’s not a period thing for the fashions, if it is inspired by some curtains seen in the 18thc (and in use to this day). I’m sure they have a name. Carefully folded into usually 3 folds
    , sewn, and draped over the sides of windows in a fashion similar to those collars.

    1. Yeah, both of those are typical collars where the fabric has a fold over from the bodice. It may have an additional layer added on top, but it’s not the waterfall ruffly thing these movie/TV ones do. Different cut!

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