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  1. One of my favourite roles she’s done is Catherine of Aragon, she’s got the fair hair, and her acting chops are equal to portraying how awesome CoA was.

  2. Annette Crosbie has been a longtime favorite of mine. And her modern stuff isn’t bad either, especially her long-suffering wife in One Foot in the Grave.

    1. I saw that in the theater with my grandmother and my sisters and my aunt and all my female cousins and I still have the most wonderful memory of that day!

      (“A bride-finding ball? A bride-finding ball!)

  3. I loved her in Slipper and the Rose, she was very matter of fact and stoic about being a fairy Godmother, make a cup of tea for you? no problem, try and make a cup of tea for herself? big hot mess.
    Her daughter is an actress, (was in Being Human) and sounds EXACTLY like her mother

  4. I love love love Slipper and the Rose! Can I have the dog (played by “Fred”), too? And her BBC Twelfth Night was the first production of that play I ever saw, as I embarked on a life-long love affair with the play–this one had bee-yootiful costumes, poignant settings of Feste’s songs, and a gaggle of actors who have been in everything over the years. I didn’t know she’d played Queen Victoria!

  5. While she has done many lofty and important works, my favorite role she played was Jessie in Calendar Girls. She was such a hoot!
    She did break my heart as the feisty Ms Millgrave in Call the Midwife. Many times no one talks about the PTSD and trauma suffered by those who fought for women’s sufferage.

    1. Calendar Girls is one of my favorite pieces of ensemble work ever. It’s where I first discovered Celia Imrie.

  6. SLIPPER and the ROSE for the win! Suddenly, suddenly it happens and your dreams come true…my 11 year old self went to the movies to see that three Saturdays in a row!! I fell in love with her and I’ve loved everything she’s done since, and before. I watch Lilly when it was first on TV and it was amazing. Annette Crosbie and Anna Massey, my heroes!

  7. I think she is my favorite Queen Victoria, because her work in Edward the King is really marvelous. And she is the best thing in The Slipper and the Rose. Whata would be of this movie without her? 💗

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