13 thoughts on “WCW: Natalie Dormer

    1. I am torn about Hanging Rock since the movie was perfect and usually a remake is a total mess.

  1. Loved her in The Fades. I think that she is a great actress.

    My spouse actually got really into The Tudors for a while because of Natalie Dormer’s performance and he gave it up again when it was time for her to leave.

  2. She was my sole reason for watching the Tudors and my favourite Anne. After she was offed, I stopped watching.

  3. I enjoy watching her. Intelligent as well as beautiful, her performances are nuanced. She’s done her research as well.
    But my favourite role was her Anne Boleyn.

  4. Love her, a talented and charming woman, and she confessed to be a History nerd! Her Anne Boleyn (I say HER bc she fought very hard to make Anne a complex woman, not a cardboard villain or a sex kitten, and she did it so well in Season 2 of “The Tudors”) is on the Top of my Top 5 (the others being Génevieve Bujold, Dorothy Tuttin, Helena Bonham Carter and CLaire Cooper) of fictional Annes

  5. I agree with Lin, above. I only watched the Game of Thrones episodes that Natalie was in (otherwise not a GoT fan). I saw her in the play Venus in Fur, in November in London. She owned the role of Vanda. And was nominated for a What’s On Stage award for best actress in a play. She is simply fabulous.

  6. She has such a luminous look! I know “Cassanova” wasn’t perfect, but she was great in her role- & I kind of wish she could have the opportunity to have a similar role, just to see her swordfight again – she looked like she was having fun! Someone QUICK- pitch that idea!

  7. She’s one of my favorites, and a very unconventional beauty – that crooked mouth of hers has become her trademark, and an incredibly sexy one too.

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