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  1. When she played Miss Bates, her mother Phyllida Law played her on-screen mother, Mrs. Bates — and neither of them knew the other had auditioned until they both showed up, haha.

  2. A Room with a View, I believe is set during 1912, this time around? I liked Gosford Park partially for the glam evening attire! I’m partial to both 1912 and ca 1932 fashion! But in Room With A View the corsetry could be better?

  3. My god, that woman just melts into character. Is there anything she can’t do? (I have the impression from interviews that Ms. Law and her two daughters are a happy trio, which I hope is true.)

  4. Thompson is an excellent character actress. Checking IMDB I was astonished how many films I’ve seen her in.

  5. I think the Sherlock Holmes appearance was for an episode where Holmes goes under cover in a blackmailer’s household to get info and romances Thompson’s character for that purpose.

  6. As an unrepented and unabashed lover of the 1995 Emma, my favorite Sophie Thompson role is Miss Bates. She is a wonderful actress, in great company with her sister and mother. What a talented family! As you say, she’s often cast in secondary roles and always does a great job. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t aware of how much of a chameleon quality she has until I saw her as a blonde in the non Frock Flicks TV show, Detectorists. I had to look up that actress and was so surprised to learn it was her. She did an excellent job in that role as in all her others. I’ve been meaning to watch Dancing at Lughnasa and Nicholas Nickleby forever; now that I know she’s in both, perhaps that will light a fire under me to watch them. The two unfortunate things about this post are that there are so many of her roles without photos and (to my horror) learning that there was an attempt to remake A Room with a View. (No! No! No!) I will have to go back in time when I was blissfully ignorant of any adaptation beyond the perfect one from the 80s!!! Wonderful WCW choice!

  7. She is on my “worship and adore” list…………..mad as a box of frogs. And she won Celebrity Masterchef in 2000 and thingy

  8. She is not my favourite Miss Bates (I prefer Constance Chapman followed by Tamsin Grieg), but was an absolutely wonderful Mary Musgrove. It seems a great shame that her talent is so often used only in bit parts.

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