6 thoughts on “TBT: The Little Foxes (1941)

  1. No, I’ve never seen this movie, but I adore the work of Orry-Kelly. And, of course, Bette Davis is incomparable in anything. Of the costumes shown here, my fave is the final one!

  2. Oh, I LOVE Raissa Bretana! She has a series of Youtube videos (for Glamour) looking at different costume flicks – I was just binge-watching them the other day. :)

  3. I think you guys follow Eric Winterling’s instagram account? He has some great pictures of the MTC 2017 production, when Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon alternated as Regina and Birdie.

  4. As history tends to prove getting everything you want is no guarantee you’ll enjoy having it after all, there’s no guarantee what you want is what you NEED – though having said that, one can easily imagine Madam Regina putting a brave face on it (Since she is being played by The Bette Davis, after all).

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