26 thoughts on “Secrets of the Castle (2014)

  1. Check out “Tales from the Green Valley”, it has the same cast and is set in a Welsh farm in the 1620’s. Ruth sorts out the corset of a young saddler, (Chloe Spencer) who was really uncomfortable and ready to ditch it. With a few adjustments, she was happy and ready to do a full day on the farm………….corsets work!

  2. She’s written some excellent books too. One about the shift from wood to coal as a fuel in Early modern England was a real eye-opener!

    1. I’m reading her book on Tudor England right now and I read the one on coal last year. She is great! I’m going to have to watch these shows!

  3. I’ve binged everything those three have done. Adore them. Ruth is a wonder, and Peter is not afraid to look stupid when he tries his hand at something, bless. Also that’s Ruth’s daughter iirc; she hauls her into an episode every once in a while.

    1. You’re right! I had to stop watching before we got to the last episode so I could write this post so I’m just now catching up on the final ep!

  4. This sounds fascinating! Thanks for reviewing it. I have watched at least part of Tales of the Green Valley, so I’m definitely going to find and watch this.

  5. OMG! No, I never watched Secrets of the Castle. Never heard of it until now. And now, I must watch it! All I could think of while reading this post was the early 2000s movie, Timeline. That turned into a double treat because I just read your hilarious post about that movie. Now, I can’t wait to get into this doc and also more by this team; they look really fun!

  6. Oh my! I discovered this (and Tudor Monastery Farm) when I was on lockdown in the height of covid and I was simply transported.

    I would watch Ruth do anything – I wish she had some sort of cooking show on PBS where she just cooks like a modern cooking show except she is making nothing but period recipes.

    Also, I discovered that I had the world’s biggest crush on Peter Ginn. Those still images do him absolutely no justice.

  7. Absolutely adore anything Ruth is in. All of the farm shows are great (I like to watch them in historical time period order). Ruth also did a Victorian pharmacy docuseries and there’s a history of British trains series that she and Alex and Peter did. I think they are in mostly modern clothing for that one but there may be an episode or two where they wear historic costume to get the full experience.

  8. I watched all the Farm Series during the COVID lockdown. The Tudor Monastery Farm series just blew my mind, because in Tudor times, if your crops failed, or your pig ran away, you could starve to death in the winter. And the incredible riches of the clergy. No wonder Henry VIII was happy to get rid of them.

  9. Sarah V: Check out “Tasting History” with Max Miller on YouTube. He does exactly that, making, testing, and explaining the history behind historic dishes (but not in costume). He does a decent job on getting his source material when it is possible. He also recently came out with his cookbook of the same title.

      1. OMG….Tasting History is also news to me. Just popped over to that channel. What a discovery!! Thanks!! :)

  10. We’ve watched some of Ruth Goodman’s Farm series but didn’t know about this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  11. Sadly this was the end of the team’s wonderful documentaries about real life in different eras (as others mention). I loved all the Farm series as well as Tales of the Green Valley. I hope sometime the concept gets revived (even as the stars really didn’t live 24/7 in reenactments as some series implied). Personally I particularly liked Tudor Monastery Farm (even more than this one)–and it was really special to watch the Victorian Pharmacy with my pharmacist mother a few weeks before she passed away.

  12. This and all that Ruth Goodman does is brilliant! So much more modern history makes sense with Wartime Farm (rationing specifically); I recommend that after the Castle. This popped up on Prime and it was just the thing I needed after some stressful weeks. A twinkle from Peter’s blue eyes and all was right in the world again!

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