8 thoughts on “Top 5 Films/Shows I Can’t Believe Haven’t Been Released in the US

  1. I managed to watch The Scandalous Lady W on Daily Motion and it was totally worth it. I’ve read the book by Hallie Rubenhold, which was published in the US, so I’m not sure why Acorn, BritBox, EPIX, Hulu or PBS haven’t picked up this series.

    1. I’ve been trying to find it too. I will watch anything with Aneurin Barnard in it. Just recently found Interlude in Prague after Frock Flicks reviewed it but that wasn’t easy to find either.

  2. No, I haven’t seen any of those though J’Accuse and Hernan had been on my radar for a while. As a Janeite, Shakespeare-lover, English major, and lifelong PBS fanatic, I just assume that 1/3 of Americans are raging Anglophiles and that another third are closet Anglophiles. That said, I NEVER understand why at least British flicks don’t make it our way. It’s soo frustrating. And as you brought up, in the age of streaming, why is this STILL an issue? With all these niche streaming services popping up, maybe we need to find financial backers for a FrockFlicks streaming service!

    You brought up market forces in your post several times, and I that’s the main reason WHY we don’t get these films: they’re viewed as too niche to be profitable. In my opinion, that has to do with “training” your customers to expect substandard fair in a limited number of genres. Translation: Hollywood as fed the masses high does of (often, not always) MINDLESS entertainment in the form of sequels, reboots and superhero blockbusters. As a result EVERYTHING else gets pushed out the way. Also, you mentioned the legal quagmires over international rights, and I agree that hampers things as well. Here’s hoping for a better future for movies that take place in the past!

  3. cries in Australian
    But seriously, I feel your pain – international distribution rights are such a mess and the glut of streaming services hasn’t helped things like we thought it would.

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