14 thoughts on “MCM: Full-Bottomed Wigs Are Teh Hotness

    1. Oh, yes! I don’t usually find T,R, that attractive, but give him a wig and a sword and he blooms.

  1. I wish my hair could do this. But, seriously I can understand the appeal of these ‘I’d shag these men in a heartbeat’ hotness in the wigs. But to tell the truth I’d shag Rupert without the *sigh* hair candy.

  2. PMSL! All those Chaz 2’s- wondrous. OMG, and Tilda. [Pause for some alone time]. Thanks for the fun, the excellent screencaps, and all the sauce. Draughtsman’s Contract is indeed arty and boring, but still compelling. Soooooo beautiful. Restoration was a fab book, but Downey and what’s her face? Tooooo pretty, spoiled it. Merivel is supposed to be fat and ginger!
    Keep ’em coming, you make my day when another post comes out.

  3. YAY for wig porn and all the pretty men, especially Johnny Depp. Libertine is a true story about a terrible man, I wept for all the little POTC fangirl teenyboppers in line with me at that show. But, as always, you’ve given me new movies to scout out and costumes to dream of making!!!

  4. Oh boy, I think your reason for liking thelse wigs is the exact reason I find them very unattractive.

  5. If this were their real hair I could go for it, but as it is I just think how you couldn’t enjoy touching it. Can’t run your fingers through it, can’t tug on it… Just a big false advertisement.

  6. Oh, what a FABULOUS MCM post! I think you could really be onto something here with theme-oriented ones in addition to the regular kind. How is it that these wigs make men look so, so HAWT!? I simultaneously get it and I don’t – not that it really matters ’cause Teh Hotness!

  7. If you like the 17th century, you should definitely watch the Draughtsman’s Contract, it’s not boring at all, but very different and witty.

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