16 thoughts on “MCM: Julian Sands

  1. Whatever Sands does, he does with utter conviction. Have you noticed these days that when producers want to sell the eerie and uncanny, they usually hire a Brit? Vide “Sleepy Hollow” and “Lucifer.”

  2. You are not alone in your love of Vatel … but my love of it is in the kitchen and the table, not the clothes :-) … I’ve no use for 1700’s or 1800’s fashions :-)

    1. or 1600’s … :-) … pre-1600 and post 2000 are the fashions that interest me for the most part

  3. When he turned his plate of food into a question mark in Room With A View I went “Yes! Absolutely! Will you be there? What are we doing oh wait I don’t care- just take me with you!”

  4. Another one who liked Vatel. And who didn’t know Julian Sands was Louis XIV. But who remembers the Tim Roth baddie.

    Rewatched Impromptu recently after reading Sarah’s write-up of last December. For some reason Liszt wasn’t connected with George Emerson in my brain.

  5. I firmly believe that they a HUGE mistake not casting him as Lestat in Intervuew with a Vampire.

  6. Oh, I know that I am YEARS late in reading this post, but–YES! YES! YES! I am not into blonds, but Julian Sands is one of the sexist blonds of all time.(He is even sexier in person!) I have been into him ever since “Warlock” which I saw years before I saw “A Room with a View.” Plus–his voice and his accent–fans self…! My favorite frock flick of his is “A Room with a View.” I wish he were more popular, but his choices are questionable.

  7. I liked Vatel! Gorgeous film! Been waiting for it to come up on Netflix again.

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