6 thoughts on “My Cousin Rachel, 2017 Edition

  1. Thanks for writing this. I love this story, but the film underwhelmed me. Costumes, however, were beautiful, and Rachel looked fantastic. 1830s sleeves look very silly to us, so I feel that was also a motive in dressing those girls.

  2. Philip is required to be an idiot in this story. At least, he was in the first movie. I haven’t read the book, but it does seem like a story that’s out to show, in a twisted, tragic way, that men are stupid when they get all suspicious about women.

  3. du Maurier claimed in an interview that she wrote “My Cousin Rachel” as a way for emotional closure from two soured lesbian relationships She combined the two different
    women into “Rachel” and she herself embodied the character of “Philip” – which is why he appears so stupid and gushing – she was writing how she felt as a closeted and upper crust bisexual woman in the early 20th century.

    When you read the book with that in mind it makes more sense.

  4. Interesting that Louise gets flared sleeves which don’t appear til the LATE 1840s, making her more up to date than Rachel. Two more nitpicks (but hey that’s what we do): that red and blue ensemble would never fly as a riding habit–VERY limited colors prescribed for those–like, forest green and black and MAYBE Navy. And, another reason the lace veil is absurd for riding is, it would be far too expensive to risk wearing for sport where it could get muddy or torn!

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