14 thoughts on “WCW: Olivia de Havilland

  1. IMHO Ms de Havilland is a national treasure. I loved her in Robin Hood as Lady Marian. She literally lit up each an every scene she was in.
    GWTW isn’t a favourite film, but Melanie is a favourite character.
    Her Catherine Sloper in Washington Square, I kinda feel is my favourite film, bc of the prep work she did and that she was willing to appear unglam.
    Her later roles were excellent especially Dagmar, er Marie Feodorovna.

  2. She is also good exchanging slantendicular looks with James Cagney in The Strawberry Blonde set in 1890s New York.

  3. Beautiful, clever & awesome lady! Her Maid Marian is my second favourite ever (Sorry, massive fan of the Disney version.) I have her & Mr. Flynn’s movie collection… still need to re-watch it :-). (best thing about GWT is the costumes & her, the movie, less so. sorry x)

  4. Yes yes yes! A great actress and a great lady- but Theresa, please re-read GWTW- Melanie in the book and the movie is not a drip- she is frail but not fragile- gentle, but not weak- she is the thing that keeps Scarlett going- you have only to read the scene where Scarlett shoots the Yankee who is taking the last few things of Scarlett’s mother to know this- Melanie is always there holding up the people she loves- I am well aware of GWTWs flaws, but I do find the relationships between all the women fascinating.

  5. You know, FX might have thought about the fact that one of these Classic Hollywood ladies is still around to be offended by the movie industry’s tendency to do whatever they want in depicting people’s lives. :P

  6. I can’t express in words my love for her. She is just so classy. Nothing beats The Heiress for me, especially at the very end with, “Bolt the door, Mariah.”

  7. I remember the ending of Anthony Adverse her character ended up being Napoleon’s mistress Mlle. Georges one of his less known mistresses

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