14 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: North & South Book II, Episode 3

  1. Tits must be out! Tits must be out! Inside my heart is breaking, my makeup might be flaking but my tits still stay out! <- Theme Song for Tits Out.

    1. Semi and Southern Blonde seem to have the brains in the Southern Clan with Southern Mom a close second. Southern Brunette will have a bad ending, Hopefully it will disfigure her face. And Tits Out is not very smart. She believes Southern Brunette.

      Plastic Cameo isn’t as smart as she believes. Everyone knows George is HONOUR and HONESTY personified.

    1. Yup, had the same thought. No one cropped photos that way back then. No one posed like that back then.

  2. How the H— did they get Jimmy Stewart in this turkey?? I still say those colors feel wrong, but I don’t know why.

  3. My mom, who watched “North and South” in the eighties and has only a vague idea of historical fashion, was so annoyed by Lesley Ann Down’s cleavage in Madeleine’s widow’s dress. This was just WTF. I wonder, why the costume designers were so stubborn about Lesley Ann Down having her boobs out. This wasn’t sexy, this was ridiculous.

  4. Most of those outfits are silk? What perverse mind designed them to look like bad synthetics?

  5. The white fill-in on Southern Blonde’s dress looks like a godet or a gusset or a gore or whatever-g-word designed to widen the dress.

  6. Olivia De Haviland and Jimmy Stewart???

    I never saw this and now almost need to for that alone.

    Almost, but….

  7. The screencap of Olivia de Havilland is basically the face I’m making as I scroll through these recaps. It’s all just so perplexing! Why so many silks that look like $2 polyester? Why so many alleged hook and eye closures that look like zippers? And I’m starting to be unfazed by the 80s HUGE HAIR, which is frightening…

  8. Those sleeves on the traveling dress… bizarre and not in any way flattering. I like her red with black little jacket quite a bit though. I wonder if this series was part of why I have liked that style for a significant portion of my life.

    Also the handling of slavery/emancipation is such a mess. They’re such nice people they give the newly-emancipated money and ask them to stay! They just also were happy to own other human beings and force them to do work for decades. facepalm And that is skipping over the great unlikelihood that people who owned other human beings would passively accept emancipation while it’s not even clear that their area is under Union territorial control (seems like it must not be for a Union soldier to have to disguise himself as a Confederate to visit his wife).

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