37 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: North & South Book II, Episode 2

    1. I was just about to comment that it’s a very fine example of Godawful Anachronistic Portrait in a Costume Drama.

  1. This was from Disney, right? Good at doing fairy tales, but history? And from novels by the creator of Brak the Barbarian? Just think of the cast in clothes even more barbarous than their version of the 1860’s.

    1. No, it was not. They weren’t doing much in the 1980’s. They did Splash and the little mermaid, but no life action tv shows.

      1. NORTH AND SOUTH was a David Wolper production for ABC, which was acquired by Disney in 1996– so NOW this actually is a Disney property, hence those notices on the photos. But no, they didn’t make it.

        Disney actually did do some live-action television in the ’80s, largely for their cable channel, but not a lot.

        But they did quite a number of live-action theatrical films throughout the ’80s, under subsidiaries like Touchstone and Buena Vista, in addition to films under the Walt Disney Pictures banner.

        (And I actually picked up a couple of John Jakes’ Brak the Barbarian paperbacks back in the day, strictly for the Frank Frazetta covers– but I can’t remember 40+ years later if I ever read one word of them.)

  2. Why is Northern Blonde the only one with correct hair?
    Why doesn’t Slutty Brunette know that meeting your lover – she’s had tons – for fireside sex necessitate sparkly things?
    Why hasn’t Morgan Fairchild killed and or ruined Bent and Slurry Brunette?
    Well, find out in part 3?

        1. Dorothea Dix, played by Nancy Marchand. The woman supervising Virgilia when she’s working as a nurse.

  3. Slutty Brunette + green dress = not-so-subtle audition for any possible GWTW remake/sequel. It’s been a while since I watched North & South, but I’m pretty sure she goes in for a lot of hair tossing & saying ‘fiddle-dee-dee’ as well.
    And George Read + Patrick Swayze = man candy! :)

  4. OMG, i need to watch this for that last dress…im sucker for emerald…but I’m sure that under skirt is from tablecloth 😅

  5. Honestly I can’t decide which I’m enjoying more here…the nylon lace and feathered hair, or the twisted knickers of certain persons who think this movie ISN’T obvious pandering to the “War of Northern Aggression” crowd.

    insert popcorn gif as needed

  6. No, you are expected to condemn this miniseries because it’s full of absolute nonsense about the American Civil War not being about slavery, with vague allusions to ‘protecting their way of life’.

    I mean, the costumes are rubbish too but there are some good shows out there with terrible costumes.

  7. Yes, what Marie said.

    Also, Bridgerton had an actual design vision and reason for tweaking their costumes. This production does not (well, maybe “keep it attractive for modern viewers”? “appeal to the Dynasty watchers”?).

    Also, this is Snark Week, where we poke fun at everything. If you follow us on social media, you’ll see we poke some fun at Bridgerton! There are no sacred cows in Snark Week, and everything is fair game, and we are approaching everything from a teasing, fun point of view.

  8. And Grace – we’re allowed to have different opinions about different things! It’s our fucking blog. Don’t like it? I smell a “you” problem, not an “us” problem. (But srsly, search the site re: Poldark for bashing, we’re so very over that one.)

  9. The hair is just awful. Awful! A few of the dresses are pretty but they all look like halloween costumes to me.

  10. I’m always baffled to the extent that so many shows/movies (even ones with good costumes!) just don’t even bother at all with making the hair even somewhat accurate. Does everyone in Hollywood just really hate hairstylists and refuse to invite them to any of the meetings, or what?

    1. Actually, they added hairstylists to the Oscar for Best Makeup; starting in 2012, it became Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

  11. Ashton was so pissed to be thrown out of her family that she doesn’t care if the secret ruins them all.

    Maybe I watched this a lot lol

  12. These costumes are awful, but I have to say that Jonathan Frakes looks great in that suit and he’s really pulling off the look with those grey gloves. Although that top hat looks too tall me. Loving ALL the snark, Kendra!!!!!

  13. So many questionable costuming choices. Like, what are those fabrics on the main female character? Crazy.

    But also in addition to the terrible rewrite of the history of slavery (sure, they’re all so enlightened…), it’s trades in a lot of misogynistic stereotypes. I wonder if any of the people involved who are still alive have thought about the production in recent years.

  14. Southern blonde’s wedding attendance dress would be great if it had a high neck. Also, I love that pink dress with black sash too.

  15. Slutty Brunette’s pink dress wouldn’t look out of place in a Victoria’s Secret!

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