14 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: A Few More Shitty Documentary Costumes

  1. I’m practically rolling on the floor right now, because that Charles I show was recommended to me by Amazon. I was going to watch it last night, but then decided to go with Lucy Worsley instead.

  2. Gotta watch them. Puppy alone would have guaranteed it but the Charles I shirt clinched it and Lady Jane doesn’t pout.

  3. The pair of bodies remind me of horror stories with witches who had their heads facing backwards.Eldrich abomination.

  4. The stays look like they were made wrong, if you look at her waist it looks like the bottom half is correct.

  5. Not backwards. That’s 18th century stays with stomacher, only 4 sizes too big and then laced almost all the way closed.

    1. Drottningarna is a ride in terms of costumes and hmu, and not a good one… from the h&m blouse in the first episode to the plasticky fancy dress dresses with no proper undergarments, and, of course, the corsets/stays as torture myth thrown in…

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