16 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: The Kent Chronicles pt. 3

  1. Can we put these shows on trial? The amount of women are sluts but men who do the same are fine is really annoying. Also, WHY KILL KIM CATRALL? If this ends up just being to leave him free for Olivia Hussy I’m going to be annoyed.

    I do somehow love Tom Bosley as Franklin though.

    1. That last bit was my complaint about David Copperfield. Marry one girl and have her conveniently die, so you can marry the one you liked first. Merrr.

    2. In the book, he sends “Juliet” packing and marries “Kim.” Then badness happens later. My mom had the whole series, so I read them all. That started my obsession with historical fiction. I’ve not seen the movie, but it looks as if the first one follows the books pretty closely, but the second one goes completely off the rails.

      1. They had to drastically change the second book because the second book had so many characters returning from the first one and they couldn’t afford to use the same actors in two productions.

  2. Why do I get this sinking feeling that Peggy’s blue jacket thingy comes from the same quilt as Philippe’s mother’s bedspread skirt in the first episode..?

  3. What happened to John and Abigail Adams? Too busy making The Adams Chronicles? Hmm.

    And I bet Peggy will ‘join the choir celestial’ too. After all her hair is already high enough to join the cast of Dallas and/or/both have it’s own elevator.

      1. I do. And I watch all three Adams TV series/movies – The Adams Chronicles, 1776 ‘Sit down, John!’ and John Adams – religiously.

  4. That weird painting looks vaguely familiar to me – I’m fairly sure it’s by a French Impressionist and depicts an old woman who was once a famous courtesan. Perhaps the set decorators bought it in a job lot along with ‘Waterlilies’.

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