20 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: The Kent Chronicles pt. 2

  1. This sort of tv is what apparently made me what I am today–no idea what that is, but all the ingredients of my growing up are there. Thanks for the strange and entertaining review!

      1. Wow, I was stuck on the tufted “one hundred years in advance” sofa and didn’t even notice the Monet…!

  2. So, we began in anonymous French village, we moved to “Kentland”, but somehow end up in Boston and Concord instead of, I don’t know, Bostonburg and Concordonton?

    Also, is there any more context to the whole “what if she has your kid” thing? Based on the description, she’s just asking him to come… does she say she’s pregnant/gave birth? Current girlfriend Kim Cattrall is awfully unusual to leap to “definitely go, what if you have a kid” otherwise (and actually, even if).

      1. I’m guessing that means there will be at least some possibility of an illegitimate kid…. I’ll admit that makes me vaguely interested, but not enough to suffer this. bows to you

  3. Do you suppose when making Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Kim Cattrall and William Shatner were like “Hey, remember when I was a young Patriot lass and you were Paul Revere?” ….Probably not. Though it does explain why neither batted an eye at anything the Trek costumers threw out there.

    Also I used to lead a Concord Museum school program called “Relive 1775” and it was decidedly less Davy Crockett Meets Zorro and more like…we had sidewalks. And hundred+ year-old tombstones. Big fancy frame houses. The works. Also 100% fewer trees back then, as one thing we always had to remind kids was “Okay, there are about a billion trees now that wouldn’t be here and you could practically see all the way up the pike to Boston because clear-cut farmland.” Was Disney renting their backlot?

  4. I laughed all the way through this. And am still trying to stop chuckling. snort

  5. That Monet is too funny — well, actually, all of it is hilariously bad. The Monet is just the icing on the cake for me.

    1. bwahahahahahahaha! SO TRUE. It’s Johnny Tremaine grown (and sexed) up a bit. Young fellow with somewhat troubled backstory, meets Every Famous Person, has to Choose Sides in Life and Love, and clearly Aligns with Patriot Cause.

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