1 thought on “TBT: Devotion (1946)

  1. Oh dear.
    There’s no evidence that Emily was ever interested in anybody of either sex romantically.
    Charlotte barely noticed Arthur Bell Nichols until the evening he stunned her speechless with a passionate avowal of love. She didn’t start to fall in love with him until after the wedding. But by the time she came back from the honeymoon she was as gone as he was. Thanks to Nichols Charlotte was extremely happy the last year of her life. Happier than she’d been since she was a child. It is btw very probable that her death had nothing to do with her supposed pregnancy but was due either to influenza or the TB that had carried off her sisters.
    Nichols cared devotedly for The Rev. Bronte until his death whereupon Arthur returned to his native Ireland and finally remarried but he treasured Charlotte’s memory, and tried to defend it, till he died. There is absolutely no doubt of the depth and genuiness of his love for her.

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