10 thoughts on “MCM: Sam Heughan

  1. I’m definitely going to check them out.
    He’s stopping to remove the drool from her face simply one still slobbering drool one of the most beautiful men in the world. He seems to be very unassuming and nice when fans present themselves according to posts on Twitter, so he’s beautiful inside as well.

    I’d definitely ‘shag & marry’ him.

  2. Fortunately Young Alexander the Great never saw the light of day. It didn’t even go to video iirc.

    Sam does a good job in everything he’s in, though the material may not be great, even the small roles. I’ve seen all his historical characters with the exception of Young Alexander. My favorite has to be the Tennent’s Lager ads. Shows Sam can do comedy.

  3. I saw him in Island At War. It was a middling miniseries. I remember thinking “what on earth is Ryan Phillippe doing in this?” Clearly I was wrong. It also had Joanne Froggatt, in another starcrossed-lover scenario, and tall and toothy Laurence Fox as her man friend.

  4. I confess that the only thing I had seen Sam Heughan in before Outlander was A Crown for Christmas on the Hallmark Channel which isn’t historical but it is hysterical. I’m intrigued by this Wild West series which seems to consist of an entire cast of Brits pretending to be Americans in the Old West.

      1. Beats the snot out of watching Americans trying to be British; that just hurts us. Any cringes you may experience watching British actors trying to be American, amplify it by 450 for how it feels the other way around. no offence to Americans in general, but Hollywood has the same attitude to everything about other cultural norms as it does to historical accuracy in movies ;-)

  5. The only question I have is this: is it better or worse than alexander the great with colin farrell?

  6. Unfortunately Sam does nothing for me IRL, so I’m not really interested in these other parts. I did saw A Very British Sex Scandal which was a decent movie despite being a weird mixture of fictional and documentary parts.

    The real question is:
    Why haven’t you done any more Outlander coverage this season? After Claire went back, there was enough to talk about costume-wise. I’d be especially curious about your take on Claire’s reused dresses from Paris. I really miss you…
    Maybe you could at least do a season wrap up, please….

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