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  1. I watched “The Blackheath Poisonings” on YouTube, you will enjoy it, it had gorgeous costumes, going by what I’ve learnt from this website!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah and Sharon, about the “Blackheath” heads-up; it’s a very good mystery by Julian Symons, but I had no idea there was a movie. Z.W. is exquisite in just about anything, even, or especially, when she’s being abrasive (as in the first “Prime Suspect”). I also adored her Antedia in “Britannia.”

      (Nor did I know she’s Sam Wanamaker’s daughter.)

  2. Related to actor Sam Wanamaker? I always thought her face had a distinctly comic look, so often seen, but never connected to the name.

    1. She also resembles Shirley MacLaine (especially in that top photo), with a slightly longer face.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Ms Wanamaker ever since I saw her play an Angelican priest in Morse. She was the only reason that I watched Season 3 of Mr. Selfridge since Lady Mae was not in it. There are several films on your list I need to see.

  4. Never heard about a connection to wonderful Wanamaker’s department store, but Zoe’s father, actor and director Sam Wanamaker was instrumental in recreating Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre near the original site on the South Bank in London. An American! A nearly thirty-year project! Unfortunately he didn’t live to see the opening. He’s buried in nearby Southwark Cathedral, close to his obsession.There’s a great picture of her standing in the unfinished Globe in Elizabethan garb.
    She’s been terrific in so many productions (Prime Suspect, HP) but of her historicals I love her in Poirot and Mr. Selfridge. And besides her unusual looks she has a really distinctive voice.

  5. I can NEVER get enough of her she is beyond fantastic. She is the embodiment of an Elf Queen with the personality and presence of an Empress. But then she can play a timid character with absolute credibility. AND THE VOICE…

  6. Loved ‘Wilde’. Love the hat in the ‘Mr Selfridge’ photo. Generally love Dickens, books and adaptations. ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ is probably my least favourite book, but Mrs. Jarley is a good character, so I can like Zoe Wanamaker in that adaptation.

  7. Just chiming in to say….. stay far, far away from Britannia. I get that it is going for the Game of Thrones vibe with warring clans and palace intrigue with sexy Roman generals (David Morrissey!) but us a really really ugly show. Everyone has these bizarre ritual scarification and some of the characters have gaunt alien-like face make-up …. and the clothing is not fabulous.

  8. Her Lady Anne in Richard III was the first thing I ever saw her in–she’s excellent (the whole BBC Shakespeare series from 1978-1985 is available on BritBox), and her Emilia in Othello (not from the BBC Shakespeare series–that Othello is to be avoided) is even more so. Thank you for this–I’d never heard of some of these films!

  9. She has such an unusual and interesting face! Love the blue suit in Mrs. Selfridge. Judging by your review Brittania is every bit as insane as Zoe’s costume.

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