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  1. Leti’s costumes looked so gorgeous,but a bit too expensive and glam for everyday wear.If they intended to make her dressed up above her means,they nailed it.Those denims look so comfortable.
    Irrelevant,but Jordan Peele and Keegan had some sketches set in the 16th century and the twentieth century,along with a couple of them set in a 50s office.We don’t generally get to see such different hair textures in period setting,especially on men(they weren’t necessarily accurate but were always beautiful and skilfully blended with real hair,I think they were nominated for Emmy and critic guilds).

    1. I am a huge fan of Key & Peele, and I have been musing on doing a post about some of their historical sketches for a while now. Thanks for the nudge!

  2. Love it! Might get me to watch a horror series–also not my usual thing . The draped neckline on Leti’s gorgeous “teal satin party dress” is just the neckline that was used in the draped party dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the famous Philippe Halsman photo on the cover of Life Magazine in 1952. A sort of Easter egg homage to the styles and sexy norms of the era, perhaps? Cool.

    Couldn’t get a photo to “copy” here in the text box, but here is a website with the famous picture of Marilyn.


    Love how you explore different eras and types of clothing! When do you write a book?


  3. Glad to see the costumes.. not much of a horror person but have been hearing about this show some. It sounds super interesting but I’m just not one for the gore. Love some of those dresses–especially on Ruby; nice to see that attention to detail, fit, and style isn’t just for smaller sizes. She looks super glam.

  4. Squee! I wasn’t expecting the show to be covered here so soon. SO far I’m enjoying the story, performances and outfits quite a bit.

    One detail that warms my heart is the equal opportunity fanservice. Leti and her tight pants/shorts, and Tic in tight shirts, no shirts, etc.

  5. Loved the book and am really enjoying the show. Our characters face eldritch horrors out of the pulps–which included horror, SF and heroic fantasy before weird fiction was respectable. And they face horrors with historic roots.

    The depth of clothing design is evident beyond our principals. The series begins with an amazing scene revealed as a dream when Tic awakens in the back of a bus. He begins a conversation with a lady sitting next to him, then walking down the road with him as they are not allowed on the truck sent to pick up passengers from the broken down bus. She wears a hat and a dress with snappy details that make the white women in the scene look dowdy.

    I could go on but do not want to spoil anyone who hasn’t been watching. It is a history show, a mystery show and a family drama. With definite scary and gory bits. I am not a horror fan but this show has a lot to offer.

  6. Letty makes her own clothes. She said that to her sister in episode 3. When you make your own clothes…. You can have what you want

    1. Good point. Women used to do that; I remember a kid in 5th grade admiring a dress my mother had made me with the words, “Wow. It looks store-bought.”

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