15 thoughts on “Reader Request Review: Britannia (2018)

  1. BUT we do have a Patreon subscription level that gives you the Frock Flick of Your Choice! You pick the historical costume movie, and we’ll review it.

    So question. Your patreon website lists $50 a month as the level that guarantees a review. Is the expectation that you’ve committed to that for a year? As in, $600 total for one review? I don’t mean to sound stingy but that’s more than it’s worth to me. On the other hand, I would feel like an asshole if I cancelled a subscription right after the review was published if you were expecting a year’s worth of support.

    1. Fair question! We wait until at least one month’s subscription has been processed before we ask what review the person would like. After that, it’s up to each person :)

    1. I quite agree. However, I don’t know that she’s been in that many period films, although Harry Potter is kind of periodish. I love a lot of British actresses–there’s such a lack of snobbery there; Zoe and Dench and Lansbury and others will do Shakespeare onstage, commercial blockbusters, telly comedies–presumably whatever interests them in the way of good roles.

  2. I’m surprised there weren’t any comments about the totally disgusting Druid fingernails. All those close ups of their hands shivers

  3. I think you mean Numidia, not Namibia. Numidia was a North African kingdom that at one point was conquered to become a province of the Roman empire. Namibia is a country in the south of the African continent that the Romans did not have any contact with whatsoever.

    1. It could be a typo, it could have been the actors mumbling so I didn’t hear it correctly, or it could be the fact that this show is wildly historically inaccurate ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Ok, this show really intrigued me in that “it might be awesome or terrible or awesomely terrible” way. Now, that I read your review…I think I have to watch it now.

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