10 thoughts on “WCW: Olivia Williams

  1. I really enjoy Olivia Williams’ performances.

    Not historical, but after seeing her in the short-lived Joss Whedon show Dollhouse I really appreciated her range. She can go from “ice queen” to “hurting human being with needs who is trying to hold it together” all within one episode. It made me notice her more elsewhere, like in Victoria & Abdul.

    Out of this list, Miss Austen Regrets and Peter Pan might be my favorites!

  2. I just saw her Jane Fairfax in “Emma,” and was impressed. Her contained quality, with the suggestion of emotions smoldering under the surface, was perfect for the role.

  3. Glad you referenced ‘Manhattan’ as it had great acting by Williams and John Benjamin Hickey.

  4. I’ve had the biggest Girl Crush on her since the I saw her i the decidedly un-period Rushmore.

  5. She was the best Jane Fairfax until now.
    Her best perfomance was as the wife of the politician Lang in “The Ghost Writer” by Polanski. Sexy and influencing.

  6. She is the only believable Jane Fairfax. Watching her singing and playing the piano in front of an audience put the fear of God into me — and made me understand Emma’s unease with her (simply because she is lacking all of Jane’s accomplishments). William’s portrayal of Jane Austen was sublime.

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