5 thoughts on “Eleanor Roosevelt on Film

  1. When they did the Roosevelt episode of another period, I was soooo hoping they’d do there. And they did. And we got a bi #confirmed Beatrice.

  2. I’ve seen very few of them, because i revere E.R., and no one can really capture her. (I realize this is a silly attitude.) Olivia Williams has the look. Try Google-imaging “Eleanor Roosevelt young”–she’s lovely in her own way.The weird teeth and jaw came later in life; as I recall, her biographer Blanche Wiesen Cook theorizes that her dental problems were stress-related as a result of the crisis in her marriage (when FDR found someone else).

  3. I will always have a fondness in my heart for Jane Alexander’s portrayal of Eleanor. I watched Eleanor & Franklin, and Eleanor & Franklin: The White House years as a child, starting my life long love affair with the 2 of them.

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