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  1. I, too, loved Annie. This post brought back so many lines and song titles. ‘You’re never really dressed without a smile’ , ‘Tomorrow. And Sandy the dog.
    I get a chuckle out of FDR getting the ideal for the ‘New Deal’ from a plucky ginger haired little girl.
    And that a Republican or conservative like Warbucks being on speaking terms with FDR, (he was sort-of considered a class traitor for being a Democrat. His Uncle Teddy was a Republican) makes me LOL.
    But my favourite costume was Miss Farrell’s from the end. Ann Reinking was a noted Broadway dancer. In the scenes with the Bernadette Peters (loved Sunday in the Park with George) and Carol Burnett was like a tennis match of glhead turning and equal to the Maggie Smith Downtown one word zingers.

  2. I prefer the 1999 made-for-tv version with Kathy Bates and Audra McDonald. It was a little closer to the stage show, so it had the NYC number in it. Plus Alan Cummings and Kristin Chenoweth as Rooster and Lily.

  3. Oof, Grace’s yellow chiffon dress looks like it’s straining in that picture. I guess the costume designer and choreographer weren’t looking eye to eye.

    On another note, does anyone else stick a raspberry upside down on their finger to create Little Orphan Pinkie?

  4. I loved Carol Burnett in this. Kathy Bates was okay in the 1999 version too but Carol had the swagger perfect. I wish that style of underwear would come back. Maybe not the stockings. And as good as Alan and Kristen were, they can’t match Tim and Bernadette.

  5. I, too, had the Official Annie Red Dress and wore the hell out of that thing! I remember turning the belt around backwards so it looked closer to the dress in the movie. I’m sure my fourth grade peers thought I was insane, but I adored that dress.

  6. Carol Burnett’s Miss Hannigan was a revelation to me. Carol Burnett is a goddess. I watched her show every Saturday without fail. She was class and elegance and suddenly, she was this slovenly, mean, pinched creature and she completely owned the part. Not to mention those slinky tap pants underneath, adding this whole other dimension to her character. I wish my thighs could support tap pants in bias cut satin.

  7. Agree! Remember her Scarlett O’Hara with the curtain rod across the shoulders in the green drapes dress?

      1. Amazing designer. He worked also with Cher and several Dynasty cast members. I believe that Alexis and Crystal Harrington owed their look to him.

        What about a Carol Burnett review of her movie spoofs? GWTW and if I remember correctly she did a Sound of Music spoof?

    1. went with the wind, a classic and the longest recorded laugh in tv history. even longer than Jack Benny’s “I’m thinking it over!” line. Bob Mackie designed Starlets gown.

  8. Ok, I adored this movie when I was a child. I even bugged my mother to buy me a bathing cap and matching swimsuit like Annie wore when swimming with Daddy Warbucks. Now I want a turban like Punjab wore. lol

  9. I haven’t watched this movie in ages, although I just did a deep dive on Google images, I just discovered how astoundingly hot Albert Finney actually looks, all bald and suited up to perfected. You get it, Grace!

  10. I watched this movie recently, and I realized how sexy and totally non-kid appropriate this movie was, and I AM HERE FOR IT. Carol Burnett was a revelation, especially when she was trying to seduce Daddy Warbucks. The most recent version version with Jamie Foxx was too sanitized for my taste.

  11. Grace’s 1970’s looking hair in the picture with the yellow dress is a no from me.

  12. sadly I LOATHED the movie and adore the play. which I saw on Bway in 1979. I was devastated to have missed Andrea McCardle but I did see her understudy when she took over the role. the sell out at the end and the changes the movie made in the play ruined it for me. where was the Hooverville part and song? I wish they would redo it and actually use the play in it’s total.

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