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  1. Oh Sarah. Having seen Rocky at least 100x, I can tell you it’s a contemporary film with homages to ’50s sci-fi. When Brad & Janet are in the car before they reach the castle, Nixon is on the radio giving his resignation speech, so that’s 1974, when the film was made. But I let it slide bec. the character of Dr. Frank N. Furter counts for cross-dressing & drag, & that’s always of Frock Flicks concern, even if it’s not historical ;)

  2. I’m going to have to check out Will Shakespeare. . . . ;)

    The first thing I ever remember seeing Tim Curry in was The Three Musketeers, but my favorite Tim Curry role will always be Ray, a non-historical role in Pass the Ammo, as a crooked televangelist.

    1. I’m trying to watch “Will Shakespeare” right now. Emphasis on “trying”. It’s one of those 1970s BBC stage-to-screen adaptations with approximately a £30 budget. And the actors are ROUGH.

      That said, it also has a young Ian McShane as a very poncy Marlow so I’m not saying don’t watch it. I’m just saying it’s no “Elizabeth R”. ;)

      1. Haha Thanks for the warning!

        I hadn’t realized McShane was in it, but I just googled pictures of him, and I am sold! I’m actually in the middle of a Deadwood rewatch and was needing some more McShane when it ends.

        I’ll still watch Will Shakespeare but now with the right frame of mind.

    1. That was such a charming little appearance! I have the DVD and in one of the interview featurettes he mentions that he loved the first Cranford SO MUCH that he desperately wanted to be part of any kind of sequel. I think I found that at least as charming as his actual performance!

      1. Found a few stills, mostly of them in those stripey jacket (I forget what they’re called) and the British sporting caps, using this as search parameters: “Three Men in a Boat tim curry michael palin”. No idea if they’re good shots or not.

  3. I was completely tickled by him in Kinsey. The lines they wrote for him were so stupid, if anyone else had delivered them they would have been painful, but he was hilarious.

      1. Don’t despair, there are often theater revivals. Look for midnight showings. The Alamo Drafthouse chain often has special showings — it started in Texas and has now expanded to both coasts and other cities in between including Omaha and Kalamazoo, so it’s not just big cities. College towns probably have showings as well, sometimes around Halloween.

  4. There is an excellent Fresh air interview with him from 2005 ish. He talks about character development, and he is dreamy.

  5. I first fell for Mr. Curry in a little film called “The Worst Witch” where he plays the Grand Wizard. I had my first impure thoughts of him in Rocky Horror, and my crush was solidified in Roseanne when he played Roger. When I found out he voiced Sir Gawain in the Prince Valeant cartoon…sigh I’ll be in my bunk.

  6. I know it’s not historical, but… I have to say I loved him in the 1980s TV movie version of The Worst Witch. He even sings in that one!

  7. Tim Curry. Love him.

    But I didn’t see Rocky Horror Picture show until just a few years ago. I was much confused that I found him at his most handsome and sexy all dressed up in a corset, stocking, heels and full makeup. LOL

    1. I first saw Curry in Rocky Horror, too. I kept thinking he was wearing a Merry Widow and stockings under the cardinal’s robes in the Disney 3 Musketeers. though.

  8. I didn’t know he played all those roles. I’m just familiar with mostly his voice work in cartoons and a few of his American films, like “Muppet Treasure Island,” and some others. My fave song in that was “Professional Pirate,” hehe. I had to find and watch “Annie” on my own because my parents had no interest in it, but I did in my pre-teen years. Never saw “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” though my dad had a few things to say about that, xD. I did read about the movie on Wikipedia out of curiosity. (I do that often as a defense mechanism against bad movies). Curry also played a small part in “Secret of Moonacre.” He was the head of a wild, dark, crime family that had been in a feud with another family living across the valley.

  9. I’m lucky- my sweetie looks enough like him, they could be cousins. Really. (Sarah could plow through my FB photos to confirm if necessary. There’s one in particular…)

  10. And don’t forget “The Hunt for Red October”…because Tim Curry…and maybe Sean Connery…

    1. DEFINITELY Tim Curry in “The Hunt for Red October.” I love that film far more than I should… That said, it’s not pre-1970, so it doesn’t fall under our auspices. :P

  11. Although I love Rocky Horror (Strange, I only like that & Hairspray when it comes to musicals), my fave of his is the fabtastic Clue. Not one thing about that movie is wrong, bad or misplaced…. The rest of the cast is epic but he is…. perfect.

  12. Some years ago, my friends and I had a “Tim Curry is a Russian” party showing 3 (very non-historical) movies where Tim Curry is a Russian or sports a very Russian-like accent: The Hunt For Red October, Congo, and McHale’s Navy. Serious Curry-worshipping.

  13. There was a meme going around last year about how you could tell a lot about a person by their favourite Tim Curry movie. I probably watched all three versions of Clue a hundred times (before DVDs, when each ending was at the end of the movie, we had all three taped back to back on VHS, so like 6 hours of Clue). Legend is a terrible movie, but I loved it as a kid, and I LOVED him in it! Hexxus in Fern Gully was at least 10x scarier because of A++ voice work by Mr Curry.

    I had the good fortune to see him at a distance while he was in my city filming a movie. It was an absolutely craptacular movie, so the star sightings were the best part.

  14. The Shadow – it’s set in the 30’s with some fabulous gowns and much tongue in cheek witty humor. He plays a weak suitor to our heroine who mostly loses his mind when the rejection finally sinks in – with the help of evil Ghengis Khan re-incarnation. And Jonathan Winters has a cameo – I’ve always loved him.

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