15 thoughts on “WCW: Judi Dench

  1. I want to be her when I grow up!

    PS: You’re a bit hard on that pig in 2005 P&P. Contrary to some people I could name, he played his part with conviction!

  2. You forgot Ladies in Lavender. There we get both Dame Judi AND Dame Maggie! 😍 It’s set post WWI but before WWII although tensions are heating up again. Costumes are good, solid, nothing flashy or out of character.

    Oh gosh, asking me to pick a favourite role is like asking me to pick a favourite dark chocolate — lots of delicious choices. I’m actually going to pick Philomenia which isn’t exactly playing by the rules but who cares? 😉Rules Shmools. LOL She brought an amazing vulnerability and innocence to her character that made the movie work. But that’s what she does, doesn’t she? She’s riveting in almost every performance I’ve seen her in, an absolute treasure.

  3. I agree with LadySlippers. Dame Judi brings an élan to her projects. I love them all. But if I’m forced to choose one, I’m choosing three. Queens Elizabeth & Victoria and Lady Bracknell. (Well actually 4). She dominates the stage or film she’s in. All eyes are on her and ears are glued to her utterances.
    I’m told she is fond of corpsing (gag real).

  4. She is so wonderfully still beautiful and preserved. It’s like witchcraft.

    Mrs. Henderson Presents is one of my top ten favorite movies.

    People think I am strange when I say that.

  5. My favourite is a play, I think done for TV. I ran it as wardrobe mistress at the Other Place – 1977 “Macbeth” – she was, of course, Lady M. I have a photo of her in costume with my then 6 month old son!

  6. How can I possibly choose? I love her in everything, but especially as Matty Jenkyns in Cranford and as Eleanor Lavish in Room with a View. And she was by far the best part of the 2005 P&P!

  7. Oh, Madame de Sade! Probably the worst play I’ve ever endured (if there’d been an interval we’d have left…) but the costumes were simply gorgeous. It’s impossible to pick a favourite role, she’s always fabulous!

  8. Dame Judi’s range is incredible. Whether she’s playing, sweet, gentle, Miss Matty or ice blooded M she is utterly convincing.

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