17 thoughts on “MCM: Robert Hardy

  1. FYI: It’s Peter Davison, not Davidson.

    Also, Hardy was in Robin of Sherwood as Richard the Lionhearted. The role was written to show Richard as just as manipulative, uncaring, and nasty as his brother Prince John. It was lovely.

  2. His will always be the voice I hear when I read Sir John Middleton’s dialogue in S&S (or frankly, any other character of similar qualities), and I loved him as Siegfried in All Creatures Great and Small. I have not seen most of his other roles, but must add them to my list now.

  3. Only one word to describe him: Awesome! He, along with Ian Richardson, are part of a hand full of actors I know I can depend on to be -at the least- very good in anything.

    I love the description from his children ‘Gruff, elegant, twinkly and always dignified’, I would add raconteur to that.

    He will be missed & thank you for this perfect tribute x

  4. There are so many favorite characters that the late and very lamented Robert Hardy made immortal. But if I had to narrow it down to three, they are Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Baron Denbigh in Elizabeth R, the caring equine lover Siegfried Farnham in All Creatures Great and Small and Sir Winston Churchill KG

  5. Please have another look at the still for The Shooting Party. The man with Gielgud looks like James Mason to me. So many good actors lost!

  6. I thought he was excellent as Prince Albert in Edward the Seventh (Edward the King) and its been many, many years since I saw “War and Remembrance” but his portrayal of Churchill always stood out for me.

  7. When the internet exploded with “Cornelius Fudge died” (from Harry Potter), twas me that sighed and said, “She’s horribly good at winkling!”

    He also appeared briefly in The 10th Kingdom, which is a … well, zany Hallmark fairy tale. ;)

  8. Could we have an MCM on Ralph Fiennes? The man has an impressive resume of historical movies, off the top of my head I can think of Schindler’s List, Sunshine, Wuthering Heights, Grand Budapest Hotel, a biopic about TE Lawrence, The Duchess, The White Countess, The Invisible Woman, Quiz Show, Onegin, Great Expectations, the list goes on and on.

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