16 thoughts on “TBT: Miss Austen Regrets (2008)

  1. As a man I thought the film was too boring to me, although what could you expect? Olivia Williams still is a great actress and I think that she is witty enough to portray Jane Austen. Costumes were mostly boring and you can not make me to look the film again.

      1. that one made me nervous—my parents used to live near a great Talbots outlet so actually a good part of my wardrobe is from them, but every dress and skirt shows plenty of calf and ankle so I guess I’m ok. :-)

  2. That particular blue color one associates with denim and Austin films would be achieved by dying with Indigo. Really ubiquitous .

  3. Oh my.
    We know Miss Austen liked wine because she wrote how pleasant it was to be able to drink as much as she wanted at parties after she turned thirty.
    We know she was deliciously witty and snarky from her novels and her letters.
    But overtly flirtatious? Openly violating good form and good manners? I don’t believe that for a minute. Any flirting Miss Jane Austen did would be subtle, deliciously witty and never overstep propriety in any way. And be thoroughly appreciated by the lucky man.

  4. I was bored with the film, but I’m having flashbacks over that Turkey red paisley dress because I made one almost identical to it, down to the removable lower sleeves BEFORE I ever saw the movie.

  5. I had the privilege of seeing some of the costumes in 2008 in Bath. While they didn’t have the blue dress on display, they had the red one that’s clearly the exact same dress in a different color (as shown in the photos above with Hugh Bonneville and in the meadow). If the two dresses were different dyes of the same fabric, it’s a silk basketweave. The film unfortunately did not do a great job of picking up the lovely satiny lustre that gave the fabric a subtle sheen.

  6. BTW, by the conventions of the day Cassandra would have been ‘Miss Austen’, Jane would have been Miss Jane Austen always as the younger sister.

  7. I’m inclined to disagree. ‘Miss Austen Regrets’ feels like time travel, ‘Becoming Jane’ just like a schmaltzy soap opera,

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