9 thoughts on “WCW: Rosamund Pike

  1. What was it with the 2005 ‘Pride and Prejudice’? They seem to think the Bennett Girls were farm girls. Granted Mr. Bennett was farming his land but as a ‘Gentleman Farmer’ he didn’t get his hands dirty and certainly his daughters didn’t! Mrs. Bennett makes quite a point of the fact her daughters do not have to work even inside the house, forget outside.

  2. Favourites are Wives and Daughters, A United Kingdom and Love in a Cold Climate where she plays a character that’s basically Deborah Mitford Cavendish.

  3. In Made in Dagenham she was the boss’s wife, a university graduate who was lost in unexpected domestic pointlessness. She was a great character. I loved that movie, saw in on the plane to the UK. RP is the shiz.

  4. I really like RP. Also, I need to get around to seeing A United Kingdom—really interesting real story, and two actors I quite like.

  5. Re: Hostiles: Comanche attacks on settlers in the 1890s … um. OK. Yeah. No.
    The very last effective war-marking division of the Comanches — the Quahadi, under Quanah Parker surrendered in 1875. And all was pretty much peace and quiet on that front from then on.
    There were some murders of civilians by Native Americans in the 1890s – IIRC, renegade Apache in New Mexico late in that decade. But that was the last – the Indian wars were pretty much done and dusted by 1875.

  6. I love RP, she’s wonderful and underrated in everything. And she is the one actress cast as Jane Bennet who is actually even prettier than the actress cast as Lizzie — though I still don’t understand why she was cast as the mild Fanny in Love in a Cold Climate, the story includes a cousin who is supposed to be the family beauty.

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