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  1. I love Hayley Atwell, particularly as Agent Carter, and I thought she wiped the floor with Keira Knightley in The Duchess. I stopped watching Any Human Heart after the 1st 2 episodes for reasons (I don’t want to spoil the story). I totally forgot she played Mary Crawford in Mansfield Park but that might have to do with how much I hated Billie Piper as Fanny. I know the girl was poor but I’m sure the Bertrams could have given her some hair pins!

  2. She first portrayed Agent Carter in 2011’s “Captain America: The First Avenger”.

    Not a fan of any version of “Mansfield Park”. Well, I can somewhat tolerate the 1983 version.
    I guess I just don’t like the story. Or Fanny Price.

  3. Why remake such a classic? She plays bohemian Margaret Shlegel, who gets engaged to a stuffy guy.

    I thought this new version of “Howard’s End” was not a remake. I even looked it up myself. There was another television version that aired in 1970.

  4. Carter was Capt America’s love interest in WWII IN the first movie she loses him when his plane crashes. But in the 2nd movie, he’s revived in current times. Alas, she’s now a dying old woman and he just has time to say goodbye before she dies. I think most of her other appearances are in the relevant period she operated in. No luck for her, her next series as a lawyer didn’t stick. As for Billie Piper, I thought she was the worst Dr Who companion ever.

  5. Love this round-up! Now I have a new list of stuff I want to see! Although, it was not mentioned that Atwell was in the 2015 Cinderella remake as Ella’s mother. Would this count has a historical costume flick?

  6. Oh – and yes, Atwell’s costumes are for the most part pretty darn authentic to the late 1930s through the end of 1940s in both seasons of Agent Carter. I have been able to find a historical base (sewing pattern, fashion drawing, or old photo) for most all of them! I do use these sources to sew my own re-makes of them… ;) Lucky dog for getting to see some of them in person!!!

  7. Darn! Sorry for the trio of comments. Still didn’t answer your question, tho! From what I have heard and read, just a few of Atwell’s costumes are vintage original pieces – the rest are designed new using old fabrics.

  8. I love Hayley Atwell! She was great in Brideshead, although I don’t think 20s costumes are very flattering on her. Also loved her in the Duchess and Agent Carter. One of my streaming services keeps recommending the Sally Lockharts to me and I’m like, where is the “no Billie Piper ever” setting?

    Still laughing over “I don’t know, they lost me at Matthew Macfadyen.” I seriously don’t get that guy’s appeal.

  9. Not sure if its counted, but she has a short role as the mother of Ella in Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella (2015), where she wears old-timey costumes.

  10. Any Human Heart was wonderful. She was wonderful in her role. That movie also features Gillian Anderson as an acidic Wallis Simpson, FYI.

  11. Poor Mansfield Park has just never been done well yet. However, that awful version of which you spoke (which is actually less awful than that other awful modern version) did one thing smashingly right — casting Haley Atwell as Miss Crawford. She was utterly perfect. If anything could’ve saved it from Billie Piper and that cringy guy who played Edmund, she would have done it.

    I disliked Matthew Macfayden greatly until I saw him in Little Dorrit. Instead of trying to make him all serious and sexy like P&P (which he just… isn’t) they played him as just a kind and wonderful person and who cares about his looks/charm. I loved him in that.

  12. Oh man, favorite Hayley….Agent Carter stands out, but I loved her in Howards End. Why make it again? Because you can cast Hayley Atwell!

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