8 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: Big Hair, Don’t Care

  1. I’ve seen that hairstylist plate before. The severed head in the middle of the picture continues to creep me out.

  2. I was wondering if those Classical Motifs on the skirt had something to do with the Cavendish Coat of Arms and their Motto Cavendo Tutti (Safe throughCaution)? Beautiful Gown and thanks

  3. I always find the sort of marcel wave they put on the front of the wig a bit strange! Do you think it is accurate?

  4. There is also a portrait of the Princess de Lamballe(by Antoine François Callet in 1776) which gives a good example of the hugeness of the pouf!

  5. So it was all their own hair except for the framework or filler? They must have grown it long. Did the weight give them headaches?

  6. I was confused looking the movie in the cinema why she has a wig. We had some events where the women could create most of such a hairstyle with their own hair. On top of that there was no explenation in the film (maybe she lost her hair etc.). They did a better job in “Jefferson in Paris” in the scene with the coiffeur. I asked myself why she had a “mouche” as this was out of date or even (looking on the paintings by Hogarth) not really a good idea…

    All in all – I think that the movie is somehow overrated.

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