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  1. Point of order: In Kama Sutra, Varma plays the princess’s companion/servant who becomes a courtesan and ends up in a love triangle with the king and a hunky sculptor

  2. The World without End: Apparently there was a hairpin shortage because they were all melted down to make metal grommets! Lol

  3. Carnival Row. I haven’t seen most of the others/ I first saw her in “Leverage,” a series about a group of con artists who used their skills to help people who had been cheated. This is a theme that has been repeated in TV series going back to “The Rogues” with David Niven and Charles Boyer in the 50s.

    1. She was in Leverage? I’ve gotta look this up! And I vote for Carnival Row as well, since Bride and Prejudice isn’t technically a frock flick.

  4. Throckmortonk is right, that was the plot. I honestly loved the Kama Sutra movie, but for the eye candy more than anything. It was sometimes good with the costumes and often fantastical and meant to be sexy. If you want to see any of the main actors look beautiful and/or naked and covered in costume jewellery, go for it.

    1. I know. Beautiful people, beautiful costumes. Honestly, I would have drunk wine out of Naveen Andrews’ shoe (seriously, does anybody remember the other actors in The English Patient?).

      Varma also played John Luther’s (Idris Elba) in “Luther.” Sigh. Not a Frock Flick, I know.

            1. Just watch Bride & Prejudice. Both are in it, both are hot, plus it’s frock flick-adjacent. (They’re the Bingley characters).

  5. Is that a pearl bikini? Is that even a thing in India??
    There were no cotton prints in medieval england!!
    High priestess of what? I’m not even sure Ancient Egypt had high priestess! And those costumes are unspeakable!!!

    1. It’s meant to be a choli top composed entirely of pearls. Which probably isn’t a thing that actually existed, but it’s meant to be an example of how the king is descending into decadence and madness, so it works and doesn’t seem overly jarring in context.

  6. Ok, Kendra, you and I are opposites here…I saw Kama Sutra once years ago and it seared itself into my memory. Indira Varma is so beautiful she irritates me. She’s one of a handful of women who when I see them, I’m like “Why do I even bother?” Back to the filmography. Rome is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, so I have to go with that. I’ve seen her in several pieces, and I have to say that she has great taste in the projects she chooses to work on.

  7. Re.: Rome. I don’t think long skintight sleeves were a thing and in that last image she’s wearing a Greek peplos not a stola. Also I believe togas were always white or rather off white.

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