6 thoughts on “MCM: Jim Broadbent, Part Two

  1. Of the second set I really enjoyed and loved his George IV in Young Victoria. Of the others I would definitely like to see the 2020 ones and Longford. Did you intentionally leave out Iris with Dame Judy?

  2. Don’t waste your time on 2020 Black Narcissus, it’s awful in too many ways to number, and although Diana Rigg gets star billing, she’s only on screen for about ten minutes.

  3. The original Black Narcissus from 1947 is well worth watching. Beautifully photographed, excellent performances by Deborah Kerr, Flora Robson and Jean Simmons.

    1. Black ’47 was very stark and gritty and gave a good picture of hopelessness under impossible circumstances. It was really cool in places where the actors spoke Irish Gaelic. And HUGO WEAVING.
      But I don’t ever need to watch it again.

  4. I LOVE Vanity Fair…OK mostly because drooling over James Purefoy!!! I’ve never read the novel so I can’t quibble with the changes made, even though I know many people were upset by them. I was a blank slate. Just when I manage to forget the travesty that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cyrstal Skull, someone brings it up again! The Duke and 6 Minutes to Midnight are ones I want to see.

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