11 thoughts on “MCM: Jim Broadbent, Part One

  1. I’m a huge, I mean huge, Gilbert and Sullivan fan and I love Topsy Turvy. It’s one of my go to comfort movies.

      1. Enchanted April!! Beautiful film- a much needed reprieve during miserable winters

  2. Alfred Salteena a ‘bumbling *aristocrat’? ??? The whole key to him as a character is that, in his own words, ” I am fond of digging in the garden and I am parshial to ladies if they are nice I suppose it is my nature. I am not quite a gentleman but you would hardly notice it but cant be helped anyhow.”

    1. I loved The Young Visiters as it was written, but as a movie it was so broad as to remove all the humor. The whole point is that the author was totally serious! I’m not sure it’s actually possible to translate it into film and retain its character. :/

  3. The trouble is, Broadbent blends so seamlessly into the work that one doesn’t always realize one has seen him. Or even two or three have seen him.

  4. Enchanted April is a wonderful little gem of a film with a truly stellar cast. I need to see it again.

  5. I love J.B. in just about anything, but have a special fondness for his supporting role as the bartender/publican in “The Crying Game.”

  6. Widow’s Peak is a wonderful film. Sly and dryly funny. Costumes are nice, too

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