8 thoughts on “New Costume Movie/TV Shows: Trailer Round-up, Early 2016 Style!

  1. Dad’s Army was an old BBC series. I suspect “An Inspector Calls” is a remake. I may be wrong, but I think Alastair Sim was in the original. The Brits, never ones to make too much of a good thing, had produced a drama series called “The Secret Army,” about the escape line for downed Allied flyers, then turned around and parodied it in “‘Allo, ‘Allo.”
    Tarzan, Houdini and Doyle, and Versailles, I think. Here’s an interesting oddity: Lord Greystoke was Tarzan’s real-world title. Greystoke was also one of the most violent and notorious of the Border towns during the 300 years of strife and storm. One of the most notorious families was Burn, also spelled Bourne.

  2. Jekyll and Hyde is playing on CBC in Canada on Monday nights. It began on January 11/2016…I actually haven’t watched it as I have been watching War and Peace on Mondays.

  3. Not a new series but a repeat of a very old one for the lucky Brits. I noticed in the news that the BBC are repeating The Pallisers, (1971) in a lunchtime slot. It is the “daddy” of all costume dramas and responsible for my teenage obsession with historical costume back when it was first shown in Oz. I recommend it highly to anyone with the chance to watch it.

  4. Just watched that trailer for Vikings. What on earth is going on with those costumes? They’re wearing sixteenth century burgonets (helmets)… amongst other travesties!

      1. My husband and I – we met at a historical swordsmanship class – would be happy to review it but it probably won’t come out in Australia until next decade!

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