9 thoughts on “Hail, Caesar! and 1940s Hollywood!

  1. I really want to see this. I’d kind of forgotten about it until the other night, and then due to a hitch in my internet service, I couldn’t get it to stream properly. This post is incentive to try again!

    (My comment to my mother the other day, when seeing a preview for it, was, “I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Ralph Fiennes is aging!” =P NO. You must stay young forever!)

    1. It’s pretty cute, but not really one of the better Coen Bros. films. There’s just weird plot threads that never get tied up (like Carlotta & Hobie, the cutest effing couple in the world, but you never get to know if they get together). The eye-candy, however, is fabulous.

  2. I loved this movie. Alden Ehrenreich was delightful — his scenes with Ralph Fiennes are the BEST (and Channing Tatum is a close second). So much eye candy!

  3. “HAIL, CAESAR!” is actually set around the early 1950s – 1950-51. And Sarah Lorraine is right . . . it’s not one of the better Coen movies. My favorite scene is the one that featured Ralph Fiennes trying to teach Alden Ehrenreich how to be a dramatic actor. Those two had me laughing hysterically.

  4. Terribly late comment here! Sorry!

    One of my very favorite films is the Coen Brothers’ “The Hudsucker Proxy” set in 1959. Not only is it hilarious (to me, anyway!), the costumes are amazing. The montage of the lead character, Norville Barnes, turning into a smooth exec from a corn-fed noob is so much fun.

  5. You should do a post on Scarlett Johansson historical costume films.She hasn’t got one yet.

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