33 thoughts on “Outlander Costume Recap & Podcast: Season 2, Episode 11

  1. Mary wasn’t suppose to be there. It was just suppose to be Claire getting raped.

    There are breaks in the books, but I guess because the show has limited time they chose to skip the quiet moments. And they are some of the best moments in the story.

    Sam Heughan – Hugh han/an. Sorry can’t help myself on the pronunciations. lol

      1. Not a Gaelic speaker myself. Just watched enough interviews with Sam and Cait being introduced that I’ve gotten their pronunciations. Though to be honest nobody actually pronounces Sam’s last name right. There should actually be a guttural/phlegmy sound between the syllables. But most of us can’t quite get that right so Sam seems to be ok with Hugh han/an as opposed to Hugh (lots of throaty spit) han. haha

  2. I’ve not read the books, so the ending totally caught me by surprise.

    Now, I laugh in retrospect — the symbolism of a powdered wig hitting the floor. They gave away the ending at the start — the aristocrat loses his head. ;)

    1. I’m the Queen of Spoilers, especially since we’ve started doing these recaps, so I knew it was coming. Apparently, they filmed a ton of footage for that scene, including a speech that Murtagh gives, and so the actual scene seemed rather short. I get the time-constraints with TV, though. Maybe the DVD will include an extended scene, because I am Team Murtagh.

      1. I usually love spoilers and go after them like gangbusters, but I kind of like Outlander to shock me with them. :D

        Interesting, that the scene wound up so truncated. Maybe the episode turned out over-long.

  3. I though the same thing about why the Brits never notice Claire is in plaid. But, then. Men.

  4. Sorry about the shiny, you guys! Missing Paris???? I promise there will be fun ahead. We are looking at new ways to bring in beautiful details in a different context.
    In theory we are going to have time now to focus on some things I think you’re going to love!
    I promise no more back laced gowns on principals, but they will still show up on extras, cause I am not remaking costumes to make you happy!! Lol

    1. Yay for more shiny coming up! And no worries, we understand that extras’ costumes have to be just-good-enough.

    2. Will the new details be dressing the principals for Edinburgh and Charles Edward’s court there. I really liked Mary’s fichu.

  5. So militarly speaking especially at that time, officers were important. Without officers, the whole army wouldn’t be able to function. Officers are placed in the back of the action so they don’t die. Now non commissioned officers work for a living, they are the ones who see that the orders are carried out. So yes to have your officers peace out of a situation is fairly common. You also have to realize that most of the officers were high born, second sons who needed to make their own way in the world. So you wanted to target them. Or it does work the opposite way as well. Where the officers wouldn’t be touched. Remember we are still in the battle senario were you met your opponent line for line. Officers were needed to control that. Hope that helps.

  6. As per the books, there should have been some bone zone action right after Prestonpans. But they are sacrificing the loving for plot and war.

  7. Am I the only one who finds Simon Callow hot? (Maybe not here but elsewhere. Like “Room With a View,” Because HELLO SKINNY-DIPPING SCENE.)

    That’s really all I have to contribute to this. That was a very lovely curacao

    Oh, and I’m with Kendra on Dougal.

    1. Simon Callow is hot in that weird way that you’re like, I’m not sure if I should think this guy is hot, but he’s so fucking amazing that it would be a crime to not think he’s hot, even if he is slightly off somehow.

  8. Oh dear “PC is in a nice buff coat and his Stuart plaid kilt.” No he isn’t, he’s wearing the MacQueen tartan, a design that can dated to the Vestiarium Scoticum of 1842. This type of error really gets my goat. There are a number of tartans we know existed at the time, some are even still in use and easitly available. This is just lazy.

    1. Given the timeframes involved, trying to source fabrics that look correct on screen but are not overly expensive can be difficult. Especially since Terry Dresbach had to fight for H/A costuming all together. If you can suspend disbelief for the types of plaid used, I can overlook the too short gowns. Deal?

        1. Another reason why we decided to design our own. Unfortunately we cannot afford to produce a hundred tartan designs, or we definitely would have. Knew that if we even thought about colouring outside the lines, we would be called incompetent or lazy. We are neither.
          We work about 80 hours a week trying to get it as right as we can as well as serving the story and production needs. I am okay with being called out on a mistake, but not on being called lazy.

          1. Yeah, “lazy” was uncalled for, especially when clan-specific tartans were not codified until 100 years post-Outlander. The plaid you used for BPC’s kilt looks an awful lot like the one in his portrait, which I suppose is also not a modern Stuart plaid.

            Bonnie Prince Charlie

            Also, pretty sure the original commenter was trashing me and my “Stuart plaid” comment more than anything.

          2. I found the use of the MacQueen tartan entirely appropriate, as it called into mind the Alexander McQueen ‘Highland Rape’ collection .Totally apt, and very gorgeous. It’s my favourite costume in the whole 2 series.

            1. Because of the connection with the McQ Widows of Culloden collection I really loved the choice of tartan.
              And because they weren’t clan coded yet, it really doesn’t matter if it’s Stuart or not. The existant 18th century tartan outfits are never clan related, although the more wealthy, the more red they used.

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