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  1. Love, love the mocha flower dress. It feels like the Bar dress…a perfect blending of the 1740s and the 1940s. I didn’t like Annalise’s dress, but seeing the inspiration for it makes it bearable. Everything Jamie wears is so good, and so character specific. Terry and her team are really knocking it out of the park, costume-wise.

    1. I agree; Claire is set apart beautifully in the way her costuming references her both as a woman of the 1940s, and as a no-frills, let’s get to work, strong-willed woman. If she was dressed in period perfect clothing you would lose the “outlander” visual marker that’s a key component of telling the story.

  2. Claire hasn’t been raped up to this point. Nor was she tortured for her to empathize with Jamie.

    No the deserter didn’t rape Claire. Even Ron has said no rape.

    DG adds rape (and there is a rape in at least 5 out of 8 books) in to deconstruct her characters to see how they’ll recover and grow.

    1. I stand corrected!

      However, I still say sexual assault has happened NUMEROUS times to Claire and, having had to watch the entirety of Season 1 in basically one go to catch up, made me feel like *I* was having PTSD for her because she was all “Whatevs, it’s just a typical Tuesday in 18th c. Scotland.”

      As a modern woman, I wouldn’t last for 2 seconds in that environment.

      1. That could be why it hit you harder than maybe others, having watched it all in one shot.

  3. I loved Louis’ military uniform. He can lead me anytime *fans self*. But seriously hasn’t Claire wondered how Jack Randall would father a child? He hates women.

    With regards to the garden party dress of Claire’s, I’ve seen a green one that is printed similarly. I loved the brown garden party dress, but liked Annalise’s dress, too.

    I’m wondering if they’ll include Claire’s having sex with Louis.

    I’m still not seeing the charismatic leader Charles Edward Stuart was, but maybe that will be later. In these episodes, we see BPC the Fashion Icon.

    1. Where have you read or seen that BJR hates women? It never says that in either the book or show.

      1. yes, I agree. I don’t think he hates women. I think he loves a challenge. He enjoys pushing people to their limits, is fascinated by where those limits are and is intrigued by Jamie and Claire. He is also a sadist and kind of F*ck&d up..

  4. I almost think it would be worth having no Frank exist, if it meant avoiding sweet little Mary falling into his bed.* Egads. Loved his scene with them all, though. Great tension. Terrific menace. The actor is just — superb.

    Correct or not, the costumes this season make me drool.

    * Of course, then Claire would never have come to Scotland with Frank and fallen back in time, so…

    1. You’re assuming history/the future wouldn’t self correct. If Claire is meant to go to the past she could easily have married someone else if Frank didn’t exist, still end up in Scotland and go through the stones.

      1. This is one of those timey-wimey Doctor Who moments — if the past has already happened, then the experiences Claire had in the “present” were set in motion by the past — meaning that whatever decision she makes in the past leads to the future she experienced in the present, because she was always IN the past already.

        1. Doesn’t mean history/the future can’t self correct. If Claire was always meant to be in the 1700s then history would get her there by Frank or some other means.

          Just like BJR being Frank’s ancestor (I’m going strictly by what we’ve seen on the show for those that haven’t read the books) can be changed to some other man so Frank can still be born.

  5. Slightly off-topic question for Kendra: in the “real 18th century florals” photo collage, what is that short-sleeved yellow dress that’s half cut off at the far right of the middle row?

      1. Thanks! Looks from the Pinterest caption like it’s a girl’s dress, which would explain the proportions. Amazing embroidery. I’d never seen anything like it!

        1. And on that yellow dress, in the Whitaker’s photo Andrew linked to, the back tie situation is wild. I’m trying to picture how that would have been worn.

          1. The more I look at it, the more I think that it was actually a statue robe. The back then wouldn’t be meant to be seen, and you’d just want to get the dress around the statue and attached, and all those ties would make that easy.

  6. Man I love this site. I think Claire’s brown floral dress is gorgeous, but once again, even though it is supposed to symbolize for us, the audience, that this is a woman out of time with her contemporaries, “in universe” it is so funky and unusual that I just feel that other characters would have to react to it in some way. However, I want it, I want to wear it, and I want to wear it the office TOMORROW.

    Meanwhile, because I am a juvenile and childish person:

    “Claire runs into Annalise, Jamie’s flame from his teen years. The two go for a walk and both try to pee on Jamie.”

    This is the best typo!

  7. are you sure Mary falls into BJR’s bed? just sayin’. BUT.. are you sure that jacket of Jamie’s is leather? those creases don’t look like how leather creases to me..more like lined silk? but seriously I am no expert..it may be silk! Love the brown dress, don’t like the boob darts.. loving the boots because I am human..

    1. They didn’t say the jacket was leather. They said it was his “leather” jacket, meaning Jamie’s coat, because he wears it so much, is the equivalent of a guy wearing his leather jacket everywhere today.

      1. Yep, this. It’s pretty clearly not leather (my hunch is silk satin, and we’ve said it a few times before and Terry Dresbach hasn’t corrected us, sooo…) but the more he wore it, the more I started to think of it like it was the equivalent of a leather jacket.

  8. I really wasn’t in love with the brown “Dressage” dress until I saw it in the episode and saw how it moved. I was bowled over when I saw it in its proper context in the episode, just as Terry keeps telling us! Stunning work, and not right for the time on purpose, because Claire is out of “her” time.

  9. That brown dress. I’m so torn. On the one hand, the fabric, I just can’t like it. On the other hand, the whole picture together, the way it’s tailored, the shape of the skirt, the way it moves, the accessories, THE HAT, unf. It does fit the scene and what they’re doing with Claire on the show, I guess.

  10. Just finished listening to the podcast. May I also join the tour of Outlander’s costume workshop?
    I agree with Ms Dresbach’s previous post that the costumes must be seen in CONTEXT (emphasis not screaming) of the episode. When pictures of the Garden Party Dress hit months ago, I didn’t like it. But when Claire appeared in it in the episode, I got a bad case of ‘Dress Lust’. I just love it. I really missed Louise in the episode, Annalise seems less formed as a character, but the girl knows what rocks clotheswise for her.
    I also wish Claire would show some stress at having been sexually assaulted at least four times in season one. Uts not something one can shrug off. I hope Mary will be convinced that it wasn’t her fault. But having read the books, I have a feeling she will and sex with Alex is going to be fondly thought about.

  11. Missing Outlander to go off to SCA-land? I get it. I really do. It is a toughie.

    Actually, the same this will probably happen to me in June, when I am off to the Inter-College War here in Lochac…I can always leave site for an hour or so and use the local library’s internet.

    Tough choices.

  12. Progress!!!!! You liked this one.

    Jamie’s coat. In truth you have probably seen three coats. A black, a dark grey and a medium grey. But it is all about lighting. If we took those three coats into daylight, they would be wildly different. But not under the lights. You can do all the tests you want, but you really never know how something will be lit. It is a big challenge.

    Florals. I also posted some floral prints on my blog. Much, much closer to Claire’s gown, but still not exact. As we all know, we are TRYING to make her out of place, but sometimes, you can, and should, make a calculated choice that might push the boundaries even further, because it just works.

    Annalise. You are spot on. We tried to get as close to possible to that casaquin. It is a perfect example of mid 18th century colour, and it is so very French. A perfect backdrop for Claire. What is supposed to look like, next to what it is not supposed to look like.

    1. Yay, I win my million dollar bet! Now to find someone to bet against me….

      Interesting about how the lighting changing things! We’ve definitely seen outfits that changed shade when shot indoors vs outdoors.

    2. OMG, I just had a thought.
      You should do one set of costumes / episode with input from the Frock Flick’s gang. I can’t think of anybody who would be better consultants. <3


  13. Loved the costuming in this episode! I can’t get on the side of the brown dress, though. It’s gorgeous, the cut is fabulous, but how would you even acquire fabric like that in period? I can definitely see Claire having a hand in the design of the clothing, but I really can’t see her bobbing off to wherever they weave it and instructing them too …

    The hats though! THAT’S what I’m looking for in a period crossover. It hits both centuries right on the nose and puts Claire firmly in both.

    If we see more of Claire in the 1940s, I’d love to see her fashion choices reflects the fashions of the 1740s too … although knowing Claire, she’ll just throw on whatever fits!

  14. I really love the brown floral gown! It is my favorite so far out of the “1740-1940(1950) Claire” blends. Amazing. I love the fabric to be honest.

    It might not have existed at that time as dress fabric. But what about curtain/interior deco fabrics? I confess it is not my field at all, but maybe? Or it could be commissioned painted fabric of favorite flowers? Or maybe some eccentric artist fabric Claire saw and bought lol. But I love it!!!

    1. Nope, the fabric is totally modern, though it does have a very 1950s vibe to it. I also think it’s hideous, but I’m apparently in the minority because everyone is coming out of the woodwork now to say how much they love it! Variety is the spice of life!

      1. What’s funny is that if the fabric has been presented to me by itself I would probably not care about it, and go on. I need to think in broader context because as that gown it looks lovely. I need to think in that context when I browse fabrics because I would love similar fabrics for 50’s style dresses.

        Not in Sweden, the fabric stores here are hopeless either fugly dull fabrics or costing 80+ usd (equivalent) but definitely on trips!

        Again as you say, we are different and that’s good or all the good fabrics/clothes go gone? :D (well it already do that anyway lol)

  15. Could someone explain the difference between a “weskit” and a “waistcoat”? I would be so grateful…

    1. My understanding is that it’s a 19th c. British pronunciation of “waistcoat”! So, just a pronunciation difference.

      1. Thank you! I had a hunch that was it, but wasn’t sure. Listening to the podcasts has helped my pronunciation a lot. You don’t want to know how I was pronouncing “panniers” before listening ;-)

  16. While I understand your being upset that Claire hasn’t properly worked through her many sexual attacks over the past two seasons, I think that what happened to Jamie was only remotely relatable.

    Maybe Claire could have sympathized with him for having both been victims of sexual abuse, but Claire being groped in an alley seems to me to be so not at the same level of what Capt. Randall did to Jamie. You have to remember that Capt. Randall had offered Jamie the chance to be freed from prison in exchange for sex before, but Jamie refused. Only this time, Jamie was doing it to save Claire and he had to do whatever Randall wanted without argue. Along with the physical torture (his hand, etc.), and being forced to perform sexual acts on Randall while imitating he was speaking to Claire (for Randall’s pleasure), he also was branded by Randall and made to believe he would never see Claire again. I think that part was well done in the show, but in the book I think it went even further into emphasizing how what happened was NOT simply rape. It was full-out torture. I found it extremely difficult to read at times.

    That being said… you’re right, Claire probably should be trying to relate to the other abuse victims around her and could use a little empathy when speaking with Mary especially, but I think we also have to take Jamie’s situation in a completely different light.

  17. I know this is an older post, but I didn’t get around to listening to the podcasts until now! I just wanted to say I completely agree with Sarah about the rape issue. I mean, yes, obviously Jamie’s experience was wrapped up in a lot of psychosexual torture that makes recovery very complicated… but I’m tired of seeing people say things along the lines of “oh Claire wasn’t really raped though”. That level of repetitious attempts at sexual assault is so over the top ridiculous and would probably do a number on most people. Randall almost rapes Claire in the first episode, her rescuers seem interested in assaulting her until Dougal says no, some more Scots want to rape her until Dougal stops them, but then Dougal tries to do the same thing himself in exchange for saving her, Jamie sleeps outside her door to stop people from trying to rape her in the night, Claire then experiences something that looks pretty much like rape with the deserter even if there apparently was no penetration (which frankly is not really the key element of rape), and then she’s almost raped by Randall again until Jamie shows up. It’s borderline comical when you list it all out.

    Anyway, clothes – I was so looking forward to seeing Louis’ outfit after first seeing the brief flash in the opening credits. Not disappointed, at all. Those gorgeous colors! That blue is so nice. And kilts will never lose my appreciation – something about the swish and the hint of bare legs, I don’t know, just does it for me. Claire’s brown dress made a gorgeous outfit all put together.

    Also, I always like Jamie’s hair, but I have curly hair and live in a humid climate, so I understand that it just looks different and does weird things all the time.

    1. I literally just posted the same thing about curly hair below then read your comment. Straight haired folks never quite get the unpredictable whims of natural curls :(

  18. The mocha/yellow dress is very, very pretty, but the moment I saw the huge floral pattern I thought “Wait a minute…” It’s a gorgeous ensemble, but out of place for the period. Still, it could have been worse I suppose!

    1. you are absolutely right, it is close to the period, but not quite, which of course how it was intended. Claire is a woman of a another time – she is supposed to be a bit different, a bit out of place. This is where i think the genius lies – costuming for the characters, to make the characters and to tell a story, rather than to simply reflect fashion. it’s all so interesting

  19. Personally, I hated a couple of Claire’s looks in this episode. I detested the purple outfit, it was far too severe looking, but I completely loathed the brown dress. It wasn’t so bad without the gloves, which looked like latex dishwashing gloves, but the fabric is just TOO modern looking. I didn’t buy it. It pulled me out of the scene entirely and the peeing contest about Jamie between Annalise and Claire (funny you call it that ?) did was just plain stupid. I didn’t see the point, mainly because I didn’t buy Claire putting up with Annalise’s crap. She isn’t shy about saying what she means, or fighting for what is hers… I love the commentary, not sure why I’d not seen this before. I will look for these again next season.

  20. Ok, just got to say about Jamie’s hair. This is what life with curly hair is actually like…days where it looks flipping amazing and so flattering and you’re the hottest thing ever and days where you actually look tragic. Its totally unpredictable. And you can do one style really really well but try mixing it up, changing the parting or tying it back or whatever and poof…tragic hair again :( I feel Jamie’s hair pain.

  21. I have issues with that mocha flower dress- not the dress as a whole, definitely not- it’s lovely in cut & styling, & I want that hat- but the pairing it with banana yellow…?
    If the yellow was softer, or perhaps even darker, like mustard or old gold, I could have lived with it, but my eyes were offended that moment I saw that shade, & I am so not a fan of those gloves- they could have done a silky knit for them- finer than the chunky-looking Scottish knits, so it would have made a nice contrast (I have a baby suit made of silk wool, so I know it looks nice), & I might have forgiven it- I get that there was a ‘translation’ thing they were doing, 1740’s> 1940’s, & the red dress, & the Dior black & white ones worked, but this one didn’t for me- it felt like a bridge too far.

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