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  1. No, because I don’t think it will play in France… And I don’t have Netflix and such.

    On another note, me likey the ball pic. Trying to sew a ball gown from that era (not easy), and the bodice looks a lot like that peach gown… Will have to hunt some more piccies!

    I have questions about the black gown next to it: That looks very “Claire Outlanderish”, if you don’t mind me saying so. Also, nobody sneezes or there’s gonna be an incident! *cackles*

  2. The hairstyles for women (especially the white women) in this series is very off. And judging from the images I have seen, nothing has changed. Don’t get me wrong. I love the series. But . . . there were a few historical inaccuracies . . . especially the hairstyles.

    Yes, but I’m trying to find season I at library.

    Do you have Netflix? Or perhaps you can make a search online for full length episodes.

    1. Yeah, the hair is definitely the weakest point. Can’t tell if it’s bec. they didn’t have the budget or they made a choice to look more modern.

  3. One other small quibble is that the field slaves’ clothes (and when they’re running away) could use more distressing. Everything looks very clean and new. But it’s clear that Karyn Wagner didn’t have the resources to create those effects in the tight timelines of a TV production.

    Their clothes didn’t look clean to me.

    1. Well, consider something like 12 Years a Slave or Beloved — the field slaves & runaway slaves in those film productions had clothes that looked looked much more grimy & worn down. I get it, this is a TV production with much tighter deadlines, & fabric distressing is an advanced skill that takes time (in the video, the costume designer talks about using what sound like home seamstresses to get the job done).

  4. Just finished watching season 1 on DVD. Besides Elizabeth’s black gown worn to the Governor’s Ball and her Green dress worn at the party at her brother-in-law’s plantation being beautiful and a bit off and jarring. Costume designer stated that she wanted a Dior feel to Elizabeth’s wardrobe (shades of Claire Fraser), I found the costumes were in keeping with 1857 fashions.
    What really struck me was how powerful the show was. The acting was topnotch, especially Journee’s and Aldis’ (I loved his geeky role in Leverage), but his Noah showed his power as an actor.
    Can’t wait for season 2.

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