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    1. Samuel vs. Thomas: I just knew someone would beat me to it. Knowing Burton, though, he would have made a good Beckett as well. I’ve never heard of “A Subject of Scandal and Concern”–sounds fascinating. That voice; as a teenager, my daughter used to listen to Burton narrating “Under Milkwood” every day.

  1. Anne of a Thousand Days and Taming of the Shrew are hands down my favourites. Shrew is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. I love how Katherine lets him think he won. And Anne of a Thousand Days has costumes to die for and gives the feel of HVIII in love with Anne and beginning to realise his true power. Also shows his charisma and how he was at one time known as the handsomest prince in Christendom.

  2. Of the ones I’ve seen, I’ll go for Shrew. But beware of the two-headed monster called the LizandDick.

  3. Anne of the Thousand Days. I have Views about some of his personal conduct, but he was a truly magnetic actor.

  4. “Wagner” is beautifully designed. I wish they’d spent more time on his artistic achievements than his personal eccentricities however.

  5. Thank god he didn’t insist on his own designer, like Liz did, on “The Taming of the Shrew”. Liz’s costumes for the film are designed by Irene Sharaff , if I remember correctly, NOT Danilo Donati. Her stuff is OK, but Donati’s clothes for everybody else are much better.


    Sorry for the all caps, but Richard Burton always makes me shout. :)

  7. I love The Robe and Becket. Anne of the Thousand Days is also great – aside from some hair stuff, really love the costumes as well. I’ve seen Taming and Cleopatra but it’s been a while. I am very interested in The Prince of Players and The Assassination of Trotsky based on the plot summaries. What an actor. Also, I could listen to his voice forever–so resonant and lovely.

    1. Appropos of jewelry, Taylor told a very funny story about her historic pearl, la peregrina. One evening she and Burton are sitting round after dinner when she suddenly and horrifyingly realizes that la peregrina is no longer hanging from her necklace. With exquisite calm she excuses herself, goes into the bedroom and has screaming hysterics into her pillow. Then, having relieved her feelings, calmly and thoroughly searches her bedroom and finds the pearl safe and sound. 🤣

      1. Thanks Roxana for such story; through your account I can figure perfectly all the scene and see the looks on her face.

  8. That girl in the picture for Becket doesn’t seem to mind being sandwiched between Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole. But then who would?

  9. I saw Burton on stage in Camelot. The Voice was even better in person, on his last day of live theatrical performance. That’s a very fond memory.

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