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  1. Thank you for this extensive WCW! Her dresses in The Three Musketeers! -Swoon-

    “A TV movie adaptation of an Agatha Christie story, with David Suchet as Poirot.” Thirteen at Dinner actually has Peter Ustinov as Poirot and David Suchet as Inspector Japp! Can you imagine?! David Suchet is a much better Poirot than a Japp!

  2. Milady de Winter is married to an Englishman. So she’s called “milady” even in the French book :)

  3. For her role as Countess Polenska, the series is Road To Avonlea, which are based off the books The Story Girl and The Golden Road, not Anne of Anne of Avonlea.

  4. Bonnie was married, but not to Clyde. Sure note- one of my great grandfathers ran around with Clyde before Bonnie but stopped when Bonnie showed up. He did not like her.

  5. It’s 1980s meets 1910s!

    You must mean “Ellis Island”. Granted, the miniseries had aired in 1984, but there was nothing 80’s about the costumes and hairstyles I saw in that photo. Perhaps it was the makeup. Besides, Maud Charteris turned out to be one of my favorite Dunaway roles.

    She does mid-20th century SO well.

    “Thirteen at Dinner” was not a period piece. It was a Poirot story that aired on TV in 1985 and was set during that year. It starred Peter Ustinov, who I have always regarded as another great Poirot.

  6. In the early 90’s I happened upon Ms. Dunnaway at the stage door of a theater. She was in town to play Maria Callas in Masterclass(which I saw and she was quite good in it). What struck me was how petit she was, probably no more than 5ft. Yet she seems so tall on screen!

    There were several fans waiting for her and she was very gracious and signed autographs, just like Joan Crawford used to do.

  7. Like most eveyone, I love the three and four Musketeers, but the cover the top gothic fashions she rocked in the Messenger were so much fun and she wore them with such verve!

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