16 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Podcast More Often?

  1. I love both… Although it must be said that the Braveheart episode is right up there in my podcast history (and lovingly saved on my IPod). And I listen to A LOT of podcasts!

      1. Yes, I know. Hearing you getting sloshed as the hour goes by is a big part of the fun… What did ya think? I’m not in for Mel’s Medieval Mullet.

  2. I love the blog posts! I can’t wait to read every one!

    Yesterday, I got frustrated by issues with my printer (a semi-regular occurrence- why are printers still like this?!), and my husband said, “Why don’t you stop for bit and watch a period piece, you’ll feel better.” And I did!

    I just started Poldark Season 1 on Amazon Prime (way behind the times, I know). So when I’m not watching, I’m reading your Poldark posts again. Your research and attention to detail and snark impress and delight me all over again!

    I love all your posts about the tragic bobby pin shortage in Hollywood. My hair is longer than waist length, and I can’t do my desk job without putting my hair up! Let alone manual labor! And yet loose beachy waves seems to be a Hollywood standard for leading ladies and “the ragged poor”! Insanity!

    Thanks for all you do! I absolutely adore your work.

      1. Oh, yeah, having to work with IT is the worst. Worse than non-accurate metal grommets, even!

  3. I’m grateful you put most of your content in written form. It’s so much easier –and faster — take in a chunk of text than to listen to a recording. (Oh, what am I reading? No, no, I’m really working.)

    1. I think that works well for those with sight, and those without often have readers on their phone or computers that will read it for them.

  4. I’m actually glad you write (more) because I’m hearing impaired and cannot understand podcasts :) So thank you for the quality (written) snark!

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