26 thoughts on “Top Five Friday: Red Dresses

  1. I love seeing how red dresses are deployed on film–I used to have a Pinterest board devoted to them. One small note: Lucille Sharpe, not Edith Cushing, is the wearer of the fabulous red dress in Crimson Peak.

    1. That’s a gorgeous one too and it must have weighed a ton with all that velvet. I have a Victorian ball gown with velvet and I rarely wear it because it’s soooooo heavy

      1. Yes, even looking at the dress it was hard to assess the weight but I believe it’s remarkable.

  2. How about Glen Close’s red and gold dress from “Dangerous Liaisons”?
    Too much gold to qualify?

    And they’re off topic, but tangential and interesting, I like Lydia’s red tulle wedding dress from “Beetlejuice” and Jessica Lang’s red hunting outfit from Julie Taymor’s “Titus”.

      1. Clearly this needs to be a yearly special–there’s so many amazing red dresses to choose from! :D

  3. Hail to the costuming staffers who press such intricate and reflective dresses to perfection.

  4. NOTHING will ever top Mina’s dress in Dracula. NOTHING will ever top any costume in Dracula.

    Non “FrockFlick” fave red dress: The dresses worn by En Vogue for the video “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” which are in the National Museum of African American Culture and History. Hell yes!!!

  5. My grandmother, my mother, my sister, and I all met husbands while wearing red dresses. They are powerful.

  6. Michelle Pfeiffer’s red dress in The Age of Innocence and Judy Garland’s Christmas Ball dress in Meet Me in St. Louis.

  7. I love me a good red dress. To the extent I swear I wore that Jessica McClintock to my grad banquet in gulp 1998, or at least a very close cousin. It was the dress of my dreams at 17. Still is.

    (I still have it! Or at least it’s in a closet at my parents’. It might even still fit.)

  8. I’m with you, Edith’s dress is stunning! All those tiers of pleated crimson. I don’t know how she could walk in it but it’s perfect for sitting and being admired! 😄

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