6 thoughts on “MCM: Matthias Schoenaerts

  1. Loved him in A Little Chaos and The Danish Girl and Suite Francaise. He emanates a quiet, soft-spoken, smoldering, sexiness.

  2. Well, the only one I’ve seen is A Hidden Life, and I didn’t recognize him, but I suppose that must be it! For costumes it’s fairly simple 1940s countryside clothing, but nice. The film is visually beautiful and the story compelling and interestingly told.

  3. Having been a foreign exchange student in northern Belgium in the early 1970s, I can understand his reluctance to play a Nazi in Suite Francaise, as the horrors of World War II were not so far removed and were still part of the Benelux psyche. Thanks for posting this–it will be interesting to see his performance in it.

  4. He sure is easy on the eyes.

    If you want to see more of him like a LOT more of him, check out A Bigger Splash as the hunky boyfriend of Tilda Swinton’s Bowie-inspired rock star character as they convalesce in a spartan yet chic villa on a volcanic Sicilian island (!) Enter Ralph Fiennes as her ex-lover and drama ensues. (you see a LOT more him too)

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