14 thoughts on “From “The Tudors” to “A Little Chaos” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

  1. I recently watched this film and the whole time I kept thinking “wait, what century is this in?” and also “doesn’t the Princess Palatine have a royal hairdresser or something?!?

  2. Sad that it wasn’t a dinosaur! Not surprised that it’s just as inaccurate. Oh Joan, if you’d only pay attention to us bloggers instead of ‘running with it’ (which sounds like ‘running away from it,’ & “it” is historical accuracy).

  3. On my own tangent after looking at these, how in the name of holy hell was a woman supposed to climb ON a horse, much less RIDE one, sidesaddle, no less, in one of the outfits in the historical plates??

  4. I tried to watch it but had to abandon it ten minutes or so in, to go and take some antacids for my eyes.

    I should try rewatching it, continually reminding myself: “It’s not atrocious costuming, it’s just alt-fashion”

  5. I stumbled on to this while searching info on “A little Chaos” Wow, you do realise this isn’t a history lesson??? considering the story is fictitious, it doesn’t surprise me that the costumes aren’t accurate. I’m glad Hollywood doesn’t listen to bloggers, creative people shouldn’t be so restrained!

    1. Do you really think that just because the story is fictitious the characters can be dressed willy- nilly in whatever falls out of the costumer’s closet?!? It is still set in a certain period!

  6. it’s the pandemic and I was needing something to keep me company while I sorted through my button stash. “oh!” I think to my self, “Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman” but alas I spent the whole movie yelling at the screen “what are they wearing” and “What the heck is that fabric!?” So of course I rushed to Frock Flicks to see what was up! I am so NOT SURPRISED that these were recycled from The Tudors. It’s really the only thing that makes sense with how truly bad they are. It would have been such a lovely film with more accurate costumes to the times! The bad costuming distracted from the good story.

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